Miss Diana's September Newsletter

Back to School and Having So Much Fun!

Upcoming Events


NO SCHOOL: Sept. 7 (Labor Day)


  • More details to come soon. If you want a picture taken by Lifetouch, you’ll drive your child to Crimson Point Clubhouse. Sibling and class pictures available.

NO PRESCHOOL: Sept. 24-25 (Babby Farms Field Trip; see schedule below)


  • FALL CARNIVAL: @Schoolhouse Saturday, Oct. 17 from 10am-12pm
  • NO SCHOOL: Oct. 22-23 (Parent Teacher Conferences)
  • HALLOWEEN PARTIES IN CLASS: Oct. 29-30 (No costumes please)


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  • Sept. 24-25: No preschool either day because of field trip
  • Sept. 25: AM/PM Classes Combine and meet us at 10:30 a.m.


  • Meet us at Babby Farms (5900 El Paso Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607)
    You can get up close and personal at this petting zoo with their 130 animals from kangaroos to camels to lemurs! It's WORTH the 45-min. drive! :) We'll be there for about 1.5 hours together; feel free to stay longer if you like!


  • What to wear: Sunshine shirts!
  • Who can come: Your whole family of course! It's FREE!
  • How long it will last: About 1.5 hrs.

Scholastic Book Clubs Deadline: Sunday Sep. 6

CLICK TO ORDER and use our class code: HZGN7.

This month, you'll get a FREE 2-SIDED READING POSTER with your order + a FREE "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" book! And every time you place an order, your classroom gets a FREE book - thanks!

Happy Birthday To:

Ashtyn: Sep. 3

A.J.: Sep. 9

Jett: Sep. 20

Victor: Sep. 27

Off To A Stellar Start!

What a fun start to the year!

These classes are ready to get right down to the business of making friends, exploring, and learning together.

One of the first things we do is learn the schedule and routines of our classroom. CHECK. It didn't take long for these preschoolers, many of them Sunshine preschool veterans, to learn and follow the routine.

We will always be working on manners in my classroom. A gracious child is a beautiful thing and noticed in our society. When a preschooler is making a request I will often say, "What is that magic word that makes me want to help you?"

My main focus is please and thank you and using nice words to speak to each other. A respectful child generally thinks more highly of himself and others. It is worth the extra effort to model manners when speaking to preschoolers as well as helping them remember to use manners when speaking to others.

Just a reminder: Monday's are sharing day or Show and Tell. Please only bring one item.

Enjoy the pictures of our busy days!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's learning experiences and life.

Miss Diana

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Magic play dough! If you are going to have a great preschool year your play dough will change colors!

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Working on engineering skills in the math center.

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The painting easels are a big hit!

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Using the chalk boards and tiny chalk and erasers from our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum helps develop proper pencil grip.

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Loving the kinetic sand!

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A well thought-out self portrait.

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Teacher only gives one push, but friends can push as many times as they want.

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Taking turns building the letter L with "big lines" and "little lines".

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They are working together and bouncing ideas off each other. It was great to see!