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Main Office Hours- 7:30am-4:00pm

School Hours

8:30am-3:20pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

9:30am-3:20pm Wednesday

Doors open for students at:

7:45am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

8:15am on Wednesdays

Schedule Your Parent/Teacher Conferences For February 3rd

There will be virtual and in-person conference options if you would like to connect with your student’s teachers.Both require you to schedule the conference through the link below.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s grades please check ParentVue and connect with the teacher before the semester ends on February 1st. You may contact the teacher or front office by phone (503-399-3241) and/or email.


Step 1 -After reading all the steps, click on this link: February 3rd Conferences

Step 2- Click on the box that includes the teachers last name. For example: Cowan- You’ll choose the box labeled ‘Staff last names A to C’ because Cowan starts with C.

Step 3- Choose the date February 3rd then choose the teacher you want the conference with under ‘Select Staff’. This step is important. If you do not choose a teacher, a teacher that your student might not have will be chosen for you. It says optional but it is REQUIRED. Then choose the time you wish to meet.

Step 4- Fill out the following section with YOUR information.

Step 5- Complete the additional information section. The first three fields are required in order to book the conference. When you are done press the red ‘Book’ button to complete the scheduling of your conference & repeat for every teacher you would like to have a conference with.

Reminder: Attendance is located in the Athletic Office and no longer in the Main Office.

The attendance office is located in the Athletic office in the back of the school( D street parking lot).

For all-day absences, please call the 24 hour attendance line at 503-399-3298 and leave a message.

If you need to check your student out for an appointment, your student is arriving late due to an appointment, or if you need to reach the attendance secretary, please call 503-399-3069 and press 2.

Please keep in mind that we need enough time to send for your student, calling in advance would be greatly appreciated.

Release from School-Student

Students arriving late to school (unexcused tardy) will need to show their student ID card and get a tardy slip before going to class. They can also pull up studentVue and show us their picture there.

January 16th

Monday, January 16th -No school and district offices are closed.

Saturday School

On December 3rd, we had 63 Students complete over 100 assignments! Way to go Viks!

Next Saturday School is scheduled for January 21 and January 28.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Thursday, January 25, 6:30-7:30pm

North Salem High School West Commons

All current 9th and 10th grade students are invited to an info session to learn more about IB at North. This session will focus on the benefits of IB and will help students understand the spring forecasting process for IB classes.

Save the date: Tuesday, February 28, 6:30-7:30pm-IB 8th grade Info night: 8th graders in North feeder schools

Contact Amy Green with questions:


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Schedule Change Portal

The schedule change portal will only be open from Monday, January 23rd to Friday, January 27th .

Please vist the North Salem HS website and click on the schedule change post for more information.

First Semester Finals

Finals are right around the corner! Please see the schedule below.
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ELPA TESTING IS HAPPENING NOW- Students: Bring your chromebook charged every day!

ELPA 21 Summative Assessment Parent Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Between the dates January 11 to February 15 and March 14-21, your student will be taking the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century also known as ELPA21 Summative Assessment.

The ELPA21 is an online assessment that is designed to measure the performance of students’ English language proficiency as they progress through their K–12 education and achieve college and career readiness.

The ELPA21 items are designed to gather evidence that students are progressing toward or meeting the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards. These standards highlight and amplify the critical language, knowledge about language, and skills using language in all content areas.

Information gained from the ELPA21 helps teachers identify a student’s strengths and identify areas that may need additional emphasis. The assessment data enables sound decision making and provides a focus for teachers to review and improve their instruction.

All ELLs in Oregon are required to take ELPA21 annually including students whose parents/guardians have waived ELL services. The results of the assessment will help prepare your student for the next step on their educational path.

Benefits of the ELPA21 Assessment • Measures language development in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and identifies strengths and weaknesses in these areas • Measures growth from year to year on a common scale • Measures performance compared to other students across the district and nation. Students who have passed a domain on last year's ELPA test with a score of 4 or 5 will not repeat the domain on future tests.

If you have any questions about the ELPA21, please contact your school’s ELL teacher or Testing Coordinator.


Rena Lewis

NSHS Testing Coordinator

503-399-3241 Ext. 503370

Title I of the ESEA also requires that states annually administer an English language proficiency test to all English Learner (EL) students to assess these students’ English proficiency in the language domains of oral language (listening and speaking), reading, and writing. States are required to test all students eligible for services under Title III of the ESEA annually to determine their level of English language proficiency until the school district determines that the student is proficient in English and is exited from services under Title III.

CTEC will be coming to North Salem High School Thursday, February 16

Attention: North Salem High School Sophomores!

CTEC will be coming to your school Thursday, February 16, at 11:00 am, for a special assembly. Please come and learn more about:

· Auto Body Repair & Painting

· Business Development & Leadership

· Cosmetology

· Culinary Arts & Management

· Law Enforcement

· Manufacturing, Welding & Engineering

· Residential Construction

· Sustainable Plants Science & Technology

· Video & Game Design Animation

· *NEW fall of 2023* AVIATION (includes Drone Technology)

· *NEW proposed to open fall 2023 BEHAVIORAL HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES*

CTEC offers a unique opportunity for students to gain direct experience in the field of their interest, work with state-of-the-art technology, interview with dozens of our industry partners, obtain competitive apprenticeships, and earn workforce scholarships exclusive to CTEC program completers, all while still enjoying the social events and milestones offered at their resident high school.

Priority deadline is March 10. Programs that have sufficient applicants to fill their programs will close on that date.



North Salem Counseling Website: https://nshscounselors.weebly.com/

Our School Counseling Team Member Cristal Ramos (Cb-Gan) will be out on Maternity Leave starting December 5th, through the end of March. Her return date is April 3. There will be a substitute who will be managing her students here part-time starting in January. As always if your student needs immediate attention all Counselors will be helping while she is out.

All Seniors are required to Complete their Personal Education Plan (PEP) to be eligible for graduation. If you have not yet completed your PEP, go to the CIS website and use the “Single Sign On” in the upper right hand corner, select Salem Keizer School District, login using the same sign-in you use for your Chromebook. Complete all activities and you will have met this requirement.

Link to CIS Website: https://oregoncis.uoregon.edu/timeout.aspx

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Resources

Mental health resources are available to students and families should you find yourself or anyone in your family experiencing struggles with mental health or suicide ideation. Here is a list of services available:

Marion County Youth and Family Crisis Services: Call: 503-576-4673

Oregon Youthline: Call: 1-877-968-8491

Text teen2teen: 839863

Email: Tean2Teen@LinesforLife.org

Chat: https://oregonyouthline.org/

Psychiatric Crisis Center: Call: 503-585-4949

Suicide/Crisis Hotline: Call: 503-581-5535 OR 1-800-560-5535

National Hopeline Network: 1-800-784-2433

SAT-Information can be found on the College Board website

Link to Register: https://mysat.collegeboard.org/login

ACT-Information can be found on the ACT website

Link to Register: https://my.act.org/account/signin?location=https://my.act.org


District A/B Calendar

The newly revised A/B calendar.


The best way to view grades, messages from teachers, and attendance.


Use ParentSquare for school and teacher communications, primarily with email, text and app notifications. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent/guardian, using their preferred email address and phone number.

Food Service Information

Breakfast and Lunch are available free of cost to all students. 9th grade: Closed campus for 9th graders. 10th -12th grade: permitted off campus during lunch but must have a North student ID to re-enter.

Purchase a Yearbook & ASB Card

School fees can be paid through the online payment portal you can also stop by North to see the bookkeeper to pay in person. We accept checks payable to North High School, cash, or credit card. There is a 2.75% transaction fee for credit card purchases. The purchase of an ASB card, Parking Permit and other fees are optional.

Making a payment through the Online Payment Portal:

  • User Name: Student ID number (found on students ASB/ID card)

  • Password: Student Last Name (Case sensitive - as it appears in ParentVUE)

*Make sure to keep a copy of your receipt for your records. You will need to bring in a copy of the receipt if you are purchasing a parking permit.

North Salem High School has committed to a common, equitable grading scale.

We believe that by providing students with clear targets for academic success, specific feedback, and consistent academic expectations from classroom to classroom, students will be empowered to take control of their learning to work toward graduation and their future success after high school.

North Salem Grading Scale

4-Highly Proficient- Can do the skill really well/Has thorough knowledge 4-3.2 A

3-Proficient-Can do the skill well/Has strong knowledge 3.19-2.4 B

2-Developing Proficiency -Can do the skill/Has basic knowledge 2.39-1.6 C

1-Emerging Proficiency Can do the skill minimally/Has minimum knowledge 1.59-0.8 D

0-No Proficiency Demonstrated No demonstration of learning. No work submitted 0.79-0 F

School-Wide Expectations

All classroom teachers will grade standards-based assignments/assessments entered into Synergy on a 4-0 scale:

  • 4-Highly Proficient
  • 3-Proficient
  • 2-Developing Proficiency
  • 1-Emerging Proficiency
  • 0-No Proficiency Demonstrated

All classroom teachers will report A-F grades according to the following range:

  • A-4-3.2
  • B-3.19-2.4
  • C-2.39-1.6
  • D-1.59-.8
  • F-.79-0

All student grades will be based on adopted standards–behavior is not graded unless it is directly taught in the class and included in the adopted standards (i.e. CTE Professionalism standards).

All classroom teachers will ensure students have the opportunity to reassess their learning on all standards and summative assessments. Retakes on standards-based summative assessments that follow department policy may be taken through the duration of the student’s enrollment in the course (i.e. end of the semester).

All classroom teachers will use Synergy for communicating grades to families and students.

All classroom teachers will include the following on their syllabus:

  • Belief statement about Common Equitable Grading
  • Grading Scale
  • Reporting range aligned with letter grades
  • PLC Priority Standards for the course that will be assessed
  • Department weighting system
  • Department policy regarding deadlines for formative assessments/practice
  • School-wide policy regarding deadlines for summative assessments
  • Department policy regarding retakes for summative assessments
  • Departments will share syllabi with the Curriculum Assistant Principal

Practices and Policies to be Determined by Departments

Each department will decide which weighting system of the three below they will use:

· Grades will be determined 100% by summative assessments

· Grades will be determined 90% by summative assessments & 10% formative assessment/practice

· Grades will be determined 70% by summative assessments & 30% formative assessment/practice

Each department will decide the policy they will use regarding deadlines for formative assessments/practice.

Each department will decide what the common practice for retakes for summative assessments.

North Salem High School

Attendance All-Day Absence Reporting - 503-399-3298