The Electrostatic Microwave

The History

Like some other scientific discoveries, the technology used in the microwave was discovered by accident. This was discovered when a man named Dr. Percy Spencer used the energy on an egg and the egg exploded. Spencer realized that the energy could be used to heat food quickly. He sampled the microwave by cutting open a metal box and putting the energy in it. The first commercially useable microwave was patented by the company Raytheon, in 1947. The early microwaves did not look the same as they do today and weighed over 750 pounds. Eventually they were used for more than just food, Companies were using them to dry cork, paper, and leather. It was becoming more popular and even exceded gas range sales. Even as time goes on microwaves continue to change, this is because they are quick, easy, and save energy.

How it works

The microwave works by using low-frequency dielectric heating and by passing non-ionizing radiation through the food to heat it. The heat passes through the food heating it from the inside out. The heat is created when the radiation hits moister and water molecules, this causes the molecules to rotate. The molecules change direction periodically The friction it creates heats the food. A standard microwave uses between 10-20 megahertz to power it.
How a Microwave Oven Works