Mrs. Badgett's Weekly Update

Week of March 21st

Happy Monday!! Camp Tecumseh money is due by March 25th!

Below is an overview for this week. As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week!!


This week we will be focusing on universal themes. The students are collaborating over passages to determine the universal theme.

Your child will also be reading a novel, based on his/her reading level, with a small group of students. We are working on answering higher-level questions over our reading by analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

We will also be reading passages. Please reference Canvas to view the articles. There is a link to Canvas below.


We are continuing Unit 10 (Symmetry and Reflection) this week. Some groups will also continue working on Fractions, Decimals, and Percent through a PBL project. Since your child is able to bring his/her iPad home a couple times of week, please make sure he/she is practicing math facts at home. You can even challenge your child to a contest of who can answer the most facts in an allotted time. Some of the students have become extremely fast!!


We are continuing to work on our Fractured Fairy Tales for our Young Author books! The students are doing an awesome job showing their creativity through their writing!


Your child will have homework each night. The reading log is due on Friday. Also, MobyMax is a great website for your child to practice at his/her instructional level. The link is below.