March General Body Meeting

March GBM Hosted by Arabella Advisors

March General Body Meeting Hosted by Arabella Advisors

Tuesday, March 17th, 6:30pm

1201 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036

Job interviews are inherently a bit stressful. Beyond researching the company and dressing to impress, there are dozens of small things we must do to ensure we leave a potential employer wanting to know just how soon we can start. Avoid playing the woulda, coulda, shoulda game by learning exactly what employers are looking for regardless of the specific field or position. You'll learn:

  • The additional research you should conduct before an interview.
  • How to make the employer feel at ease and thus respond positively to you.
  • The key personality and professional traits you should stress.
  • How to best showcase your background and accomplishments.
  • How to answer tough interview questions and overcome hesitation.
  • Key questions to ask.
  • Definite interview don'ts.
  • Tips for following up after the interview.

Facilitator: Chaz Pitts-Kyser

Make sure you bring your resume!

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