By: Tatianna James,Naomi Mulumba,Dillon Wilkins

Egypt's Flag

The red band symbolizes the time period before the revolution against the British that used to rule the country. The white band represents the bloodless revolution . Then the black represents the end of the oppression.

The Top 5 Places in Egypt

Egypt is filled with many great places here are just some of them.

5. Dahab

Dahab is located north of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba, near the southern tip of Sinai. Once an empty coastal Village, Dahab became a hippie hangout in the 1980’s and became an “alternative resort,” with a cheap accommodation and a laid back lifestyle. With fun activities such as wind surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and camel and jeep riding along one of the most popular places along the red sea.

4. Siwa Oasis

Located in the Libyan Desert, Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt’s isolated settlements. Located on the old date trade route, Siwa was an oasis to the trade route, as the natural springs and shade giving travelers respite. In recent decades tourism has become the vital source of income. Much attention has been given to creating hotels that use local materials and play on local styles.

3. Nile River

Cruising the Nile is a great way of visiting upper Egypt. The Nile River has been Egypt’s lifeline since ancient times and there is no better way to trace the passage of Egypt’s history than to follow the course of the Nile.

2. Red Sea Reef

The red sea reef, off the coast of egypt, is one of the best places in the world to go diving. The red sea is renowned for their exzotic seascapes. With its wide range of coral formation on the reefs, it is home to thousands of different sea creatures.

1. Pyramids of Giza
The Pyramids of Giza, located in the southwestern suburbs of Cairo, are the obvious top attractions in Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza were built over the span three generations. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is an awe-inspiring 139 meters high making it the largest pyramid in Egypt, Khafre’s Pyramid appears to be larger as it is build at a higher elevation.

The Background of Egypt

The people of Egypt don't fall in love over death but i nature itself.They love being around there family and friends and they also love nature and doing activities.This now but back then they did labor for the rule who slaved them.

The Political Map

The political map shows international boundary, governorates boundaries with their capitals and national capital.


The physical map of egypt shows the major physical features of egypt.

climates and physical Features of Egypt

Egypt's climate

Egypt's climate is mostly hot and dry during the summer.But during the winters it is moderate winters.It does not snow that much it snows a little but not a lot.The reason is it is so hot there so when it is super hot it dose not snow that much.

Climate Map

Physical Description

The Nile Valley, including the delta, is Egypt’s most notable physical feature. For thousands of years this narrow, densely populated area of land, with it’s fertile soils and reliable supply of water, has nurtured Egyptian civilization.

South of Cairo, the area known as upper Egypt, the valley varies from 1 to 13 miles.

North of Cairo, the area known as lower Egypt, the flat delta begins, it fans out to a maximum width of about 150 miles along the Mediterranean coast.


ABC's of Egypt's culture

Appearance: The people of Egypt look like regular people because they where clothing like us.But there dancing is way different than our dancing because they wear they were a long silk dress, and little diamonds on there crown thingy. Also men wore a wrapped skirt that was tied by the waist. Sometimes it would be wrapped around there legs. The woman's would wear straight dresses with shoulder straps. The children couldn't wear any clothes until they were at least six years old and they would just wear the exact well not exact but the same thing as the men or woman wear. They are barefoot most of the time but they also would were sandals, and the weird thing is that men and woman wear make up isn't that weird. Eating: In egypt they eat different kind of things. They eat beef,beans,garlic, bread, furits and etc.I also think that they pray before they eat their food. Music/art: Well egyptians love listening to music with clapping,singing of course and instruments. Thats just want is in important to there life. I think they listen to music when they worship have holidays and parties. Family: In egypt the woman has a lot of rights to do stuff. So what I am trying to say is that the woman plays a big role in the family. Like the woman can do something without a male having disagreement. Like for example a woman can adopt children,free slaves,and sue people with out a male disagreemet like I said a minute ago. That is the woman role for egypt. Belief: Muslims believes in fasting. Fasting is when you don't eat. They think that fasting is important and that they need fasting because they believe that people fast because there suffering. Like for example when we sick we need medicine so it just like fasting they believe that we need fasting to get rid of our sins. They also fast to get away from the hellfire and if you do not know what that is you can watch the video below. They also believe that you should stick with fasting because there is nothing like it.
These are the clothes that they wear in Egypt.

About fasting

Why must Muslims fast? Ramadan Mubarak!

10 historical events

circa 7000 BC - Settlement of Nile Valleys begin.

1884 - British troops take control of Egypt.

1914 - Egypt becomes a British protectorate

1954 - Evacuation treaty signed. British forces, who began gradual withdrawal in 1936 finally leave Egypt.

1971 - Treaty of friendship between Egypt and Soviet Union signed.

1971 - Egypt's new constitution is introduced and the country is renamed the Arab Republic of Egypt.

1979 - The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel signed. Egypt is then condemned by other Arab nations and excluded from the Arab league

2000 December - Egypt, Lebanon and Syria agree on a billion-dollar project for a pipeline to carry Egyptian gas under the Mediterranean to the Lebanese port of Tripoli.

2013 January - More than 50 people are killed during days of violent street protests. The army chief warns that political strife is pushing the state to the brink of collapse.

2013 October - Egypt criticises US decision to suspend large part of $1.3bn (£810m) in aid following months of political turmoil.


Occupying the northeast corner of the African continent, Egypt is bisected by the highly fertile Nile valley, where most economic activity takes place. Egypt's economy was highly centralized during the rule of former President Gamal Abdel NASSER but opened up considerably under former Presidents Anwar EL-SADAT and Mohamed Hosni MUBARAK. Cairo from 2004 to 2008 aggressively pursued economic reforms to attract foreign investment and facilitate GDP growth. Despite the relatively high levels of economic growth in recent years, living conditions for the average Egyptian remained poor and contributed to public discontent. After unrest erupted in January 2011, the Egyptian Government backtracked on economic reforms, drastically increasing social spending to address public dissatisfaction, but political uncertainty at the same time caused economic growth to slow significantly, reducing the government's revenues. Tourism, manufacturing, and construction were among the hardest hit sectors of the Egyptian economy, and economic growth is likely to remain slow during the next several years. The government drew down foreign exchange reserves by more than 50% in 2011 and 2012 to support the Egyptian pound and the dearth of foreign financial assistance - as a result of unsuccessful negotiations with the International Monetary Fund over a multi-billion dollar loan agreement which have dragged on more than 20 months - could precipitate fiscal and balance of payments crises in 2013

Pictures of Egypt's Captial

The capital of Egypt is Cairo.

Egypt's Leader

I think this is Egypt's leader.

What type of government does egypt have?

Egypt has a presidential government. presidential government is when