Reading / Syllabus

Grade 9 & 10

Intensive Reading

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email: Phone: (407)835-2300 ext 6092333

Objective: This course is designed to strengthen reading, essential thinking, & writing. Student placement has been made according to one’s assessment scores. We will follow the Florida State Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Supplies: 1 Inch Binder, loose leaf paper, & pen/pencil

Curriculum: Achieve3000 is a leader in differentiated instruction and is designed to maximize student literacy development. The Instructor will deliver rigorous lessons to help ensure college and career readiness. Students will work using a student centered approach in both whole group and small group instruction.

Tutoring – All students can attend and participate in afterschool tutoring for additional reading assistance. (View school website for days and times)

Grading Policy:

· 40% Formative assessment (class work, online, homework, participation, notebook checks, etc).

· 60% Summative (test, projects, quizzes, and essays)

· *Make-up work - The student is responsible for making up all work that is missed during an absence. The student is given the same number of days to make-up work as the number of days absent plus (1) additional day.

· Any unexcused late work may not exceed 70%. (For example, the class goes to the lab and a student, for whatever reason, decides to complete the assignment after school). Make the best use of your time to maximize your grade.


· Be on time – Must be inside the class at the time of the tardy bell.

· Prepared – All students are expected to bring the needed materials to facilitate the learning process.

· Bell Work – All bell work must be completed in the 1st ten minutes of class.

· 10/10 Rule – A hall pass (student agenda book signed) can only be issued after the 1st ten minutes of class but not before the last 10 minutes of class. (Emergencies only) I will issue only 3 passes every nine weeks.

· Bell To Bell Instruction – No packing up until the dismissal bell rings. Only the teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.

· All students are expected to be in dress code.

· Cell Phones/Electronic Devices – Can’t be out & Can’t be on. I will inform students when my lesson require these items. Electronic devices are not to be plugged into any outlet or computer.

· Focused Work Area – Only proper book and materials on desk. No book bag or purse on lap or on desk. No face/head on arms or hands.

· No food or beverages in classroom.

· ENJOY Learning

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