Need to Know: College Vists

Kiana Fabian

Top 10 Things High Schoolers Need to Know When Visiting a College

Many student don't know what to look for when visiting a college. This article is all about what to look for and ask when visiting your college of choice.

1) Hang out in the quad.

This will be where you and your friends can catch up and you can even make new friends. You really want to make sure you'll like this spot because the little things can impact your enjoyment of the college.

2) Check out the dinning hall

By doing this you can see if you like the food, because at college most of the time you won't be able to make your own meals. Most college students eat here 2 times a week. Also big colleges may have more than one so make sure to check all of them out!

3) Survey the classrooms

Many high schoolers think that attendance is optional and that they can still pass the class....WRONG! Check out the classrooms and see if this is a good place for you to learn and if they look like they can be too big for you. Also go to class!!

4) Stop by the admissions office

A lot of admission officers like to get to know you, putting a face to your emails and application is always a plus ! This is also a chance for them to get to know who you are not just the test and class scores.

5) Visit when school is in session

When you go to see your college of choice, consider visiting when they are busiest so you can see how many people will be walking around and if it's a good size for you. Also if you go during school times you can see the classes packed when people are actually learning.

6) Dorms

At most colleges they'll show you the "show dorm" but ask to see an actual dorm. If you are staying in a certain wing ask to see those dorms. The show dorm is made to look nice and clean giving u a different idea of what the actual dorms might look like. If you go when someone is living there you can see how gross or clean they really can be.

7) Keep a record

Record all the college visits you go on. That way when your memories get fuzzy you can tell which ones you really liked and what you liked about them. Also what you don't like about them.

8) Timing

Most people go when the school is in their best season but think about going to your top college all four seasons so you can see what the year is like and if you'll like walking in 100+ degree weather or 20 below.

9) Talk to others

Don't just look around. When you visit the places ask the students who are attending the school what they like and don't like. Ask if there is anything you should know before joining or anything cool that most adults won't tell.

10) Listen to the gut

Listening to your gut feeling is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If your gut is telling you that this places is cool but not right for you listen to it because you don't want to waste your or other people's time.