Prince Edward Island

My favorite province is Prince Edward Island!

What the symbols on Prince Edward's flag means

  • The P.E.I. flag is divided into two sections.
  • The gold lion is from Prince Edward's coat of arms.
  • It is the royal lion of England.
  • Below the lion are four oak trees on an island.
  • A large oak is on the right and three young saplings are on the left.
  • Bands of red and white form a border on three sides.
  • It became the province's official flag in 1964
  • What the symbols mean for the coat of arms

  • The shield of P.E.I. has the same symbols as the flag.
  • The large oak tree represents England.
  • Each smaller oak represents a county of P.E.I.

  • The coat of arms was officially proclaimed on December 13, 2002.
  • A blue jay on a grassy mound holds a leaf from the Red Oak in its beak.
  • The blue jay wears the Royal Crown of St. Edward.
  • Two silver foxes stand on either side of the shield.
  • One fox has a garland of potato blossoms around its neck to represent agriculture.
  • The other fox wears fishing net to represent the fisheries.
  • At the bottom is a grassy mound with an eight-pointed star and five species of plants.
  • The symbol of the star was used by the Mi'kmaq people to represent the sun.
  • At the base of the shield are two Lady's slippers, the floral emblem of P.E.I.
  • The early settlers are represented by plants - the rose (English), the lily (French), the shamrock (Irish) and the thistle (Scottish).

  • The motto below the shield means "The small under the protection of the great."

  • what the floral emblem means

  • The floral emblem of P.E.I. is a type of orchid.
  • The name comes from the slipper-like shape of the petals.
  • It grows in shady, wet places like swamps and woodlands.
  • The flower blooms in late May and June.
  • The delicate flowers should not be picked.
  • other symbols

  • bird - Blue Jay
  • tree- Red Oak
  • The flag for Prince Edward Island

    This is the flag for Prince Edward Island
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    The coat of arms

    This right here is the coat of arms that is for Prince Edward Island
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    This is a floral for Prince Edward Island

    This is a floral that is at Prince Edward Island which this is a flower
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    A home that is at Prince Edward Island

    Here is a home that is at Prince Edward Island but do not forget that Prince Edward Island is small.
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