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Sean B.

About Me

I love to read. Whenever I get the chance, I read. Some of my favorite genres of books are historical fiction and sci-fi fantasy. I also enjoy playing baseball and basketball with my friends. I have one dog, a sister, and a mom and a dad.

My Interests and Favorites

My interests in a book consists of it being intriguing, suspenseful, adventurous, and long so I don't have to worry about finishing it to quick. Some of my favorite books are The Red Pyramid, The Way We Fall, and The Undertakers. I always read at night and then I end up staying up way to late. Whenever I read, I need to be reading from a book and not some electronic device because I'm so used to turning pages it feels weird if I don't.
U2 - Raised By Wolves
I can relate to this because when I read I always get into my books and sometimes they get really intense and I get hooked and I can't stop reading.
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When I read a book I always imagine it differently than other people and other people imagine it differently than me.

10 Things About Me As a Reader

1. I love suspenseful books

2.My favorite book is The Red Pyramid.

3. I don't like to write books.

4. I have a hard time going to the library because I check out to many books.

5. I almost never check out a book in the nonfiction section.

6. When I finish the last book in a series I don't know what to do with myself.

7. I have to read the books before I see the movie for it.

8. My friends often recommend me books.

9. Once I get into a book I won't stop reading it.

10. I read past my bedtime!

Latest Blog Entry

I am currently reading Boy Nobody. This book is so far really good and very suspenseful. It is full of action and surprises. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense and action. Before that book I read The Compound. This book was also very good and is based in a time where there were nuclear wars and atomic bombs. The family has to figure out a way to survive it all.
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