Egypt geography


Nile RIver

The Nile was called the heart of Egypt. It helped and hurt the Egyptians. It had cataracts making it dangerous for invaders. This might give time to prepare in case of a attack. It hurt the Egyptians when they tried to go sometimes. The Nile gave drinking, cooking, and bathing water to the Egyptians it gave fish also.

Danger up cataracts !

Cataracts were the main danger in the water. This is defensive and hurt full. It has killed some people. The cataract was good in a sense of hurting and stopping invaders. A cataract is a steam of dangerous fast moving water.

Alejandro C. what I like about Egypts Geography

Egypt is an amazing place. It has many features that are interesting. what I liked mainly was how interesting the land is. I also like is how the land protected the people.