Ancient Egyptian desserts

Eat them, they are delicious!

Eat these Ancient Egyptian desserts!

Here are what they look like...

Here are some instructions on making this dessert.

•Get 200 grams of flour and mix it with about a cup of water until the flour turns into dough.

•Mix the dough with 200 grams of your preferred dried fruit and nuts.

•Roll the dough with the fruit and nuts into little balls.

•Before putting the dessert into the stove, using 100 grams of water pre-heat the water.

•Put the little balls in the stove.

•When the little balls rise up and seem cooked, take it out of the stove carefully and put it in a big plate.

•After all of the balls are on the plate drizzle the dessert with how much honey needed. Then, your'e done!!

It is so going to be yummy!!

You could use different ingredients!

If you do not like honey, you could always use boiled sugar.

This is how you boil sugar.

•Put about 1/2 a cup of water and start heating the pan with the water in there.

•Put how much sugar you would like and heat until you think that it is done.

Optional Additions

If you want the dessert to taste sweeter, you could always serve the dessert with your preferred fruit, add some more honey, or/and and boiling sugar. (If you do not like the way that I boil the sugar, you could always research on other ways that there is the boil the sugar. Also, I would give you a website to get started.
Here is another way to boil sugar

This website has distinct directions on how to make the boiled sugar.(Boiled sugar is the same as sugar except that is honey-like with the taste of sugar.)


Joanne Tran

6th Period

Mr. Pagan