Let us style your wedding

We make your Pinterest board a reality!

We can make your wedding Pinterest board come to life!

Let our team do all the DIY for you so you can enjoy your day! Jessica has over 10 years experience as a wedding photographer (she knows the industry and what photographs well!) but she is changing directions to styling weddings. Jessica and her team love crafting, creating, sewing, shopping all their powers combined will make your wedding stand out from the rest and really show guests how much they are loved!

Don't be mistaken this is NOT wedding coordination! We do not coordinate timelines, vendors, yell at bridesmaids etc. We HIGHLY recommend you still hire a wedding coordinator!

Email us for a custom quote!

Our services range from $100 (to create one DIY project/pin) - $1500 (create an entire plan for your wedding, shop and create items for your big day)!