Caleb Werner


I like Terraria because its a sandbox game and i like sandbox games, sandbox game means that you can do whatever you want to like i could build the leaning tower of Pisa or anything else i want.

School Subject

Science is my favorite subject.


I like collecting Steam trading cards because, all i have to do to get them is play video games.

My Values

My Values are being creative, having a variaty of things to do, and not having to worry about losing my job.

Learning styles

My social learning is to learn with people.

My general learning style is learning by reading.

My math learning style is learning by talking it through.

My career clusters

1. Education and training

2. Government and public administration

3. Human services

Video game designer

I would require a tech youth apprenticeship. My salary would be 50,000 per year.

My Holland code


A. Creators

R. Doers

I. Thinkers

the ways im smart

I am sell smart, picture smart, and word smart.