Chinese School of Thought


Confucianism is where people have these principles that they live by, made by the philosopher Confucious. There are five main ideas that he taught. The first one was that you should respect your elders, second is you need to live by a code of conduct, third is that education is very important, fourth human nature is good, and lastly that there are many forms of relationships. His teachings were very poipular and respected by many, after he diede his students wrote down his teachings in a book called The Analects.


Legalism was created amd taught by the philosopher Hanfeizi. He taught that human nature is evil, and must be ruled with a firm hand. Also that greed was the root of a lot of sins people commit. Another thing that he taught and enforced was that there needed to be very harsh laws, and if any of these laws were broken, even the minor ones, the punishment will be severe. Lastly he said that it was the peoples duty to work on government projects, and if they refused they would be punished.
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Buddhism (in China)

Buddhism was brought into China from India back in 100 AD. Temples or Pagodas were places where people could come and pray and worship. A main thing that was taught in Buddhism was the four noble truths. The first truth is that in life everyone goes through sadness and pain, the second is that our desire of materials brings nothing but sorrow, the third is that if you try not to desire things you will be happier and will be able to achieve nirvana more easily, lastly the fourth noble truth is that people who follow the Eightfold Path will achieve nirvana. The Eightfold Path is where someone sees life as it really is, always strives for perfection and does nothing bad, avoid negative words from coming out of your mouth, be honest and follow the rules, don't harm others, try to prevent evil, always be aware of your actions and thoughts, and lastly you need to meditate.
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Taoism (Daoism)

Taoism or Daoism was taught by Laozi who believed that a good ruler doesn't govern their people to much. He also taught peopel on how to achieve happiness which was his main idea, and how to get people to be more closer to nature. For one to achieve happiness you have to practice DAO, also your life has to be simple, and lastly you need to learn to be able to live in harmony with nature.
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