Peter The Great

Daniel Lee

Peter The Great


  • Peter The Great was very hardworking because when he was only 10 years old he immediately sought to learn about Europe to help modernize Russia.
  • He was also very cooperative with Parliament and appreciated the truthful comments to their King.
  • He was very curious to know about other countries to try and help his own.
  • He shows both protective traits yet merciless traits when he tortures the rebels to prove his power.


  • He modernizes Russia based off of western ideas and European cities.
  • As a young leader he works hard to improve the Russian Military power.
  • He extends Russian borders, creates the largest army, and formed a world class navy.
  • He ended the isolation of Russia.


  • He replaced the old robes with new western styled ones.
  • Forced the haughty boyars to shave their beard.
  • Any land owning noble was forced to serve in civilian and military roles.

Interesting Facts

  • He ruled under an idea of absolutism and was an absolute monarch.
  • Gained the throne of Russia at 10 Years Old.
  • He successfully expanded the power of the military and expanded Russia's borders.