New Planet

The Kepler Galaxy!!!!!

How Old Are Our Two New Planets?

They are seven years old!!!
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Other Planets?

From the Gliese galaxy there are four.

What Constellation Do We See Them In?

They are in the constellation Lyra.

What Is Their Radius Of Them?

The radius of Kepler 62f is 1.4 times greater than earth. The diameret of Kepler 62e is undetermined.

How Many Birthdays On Kepler Equal 5 Earth Years?

There are fifteen birthdays in five Earth years.

For example, If you where 15 on Earth you would be 90 years old.

How Many Days Would We Lose?

We would lose 243 days in a year.

How Long Will Our Years Be?

Our years would be shortened to 122 days, the equivilent of four months and two days.

How big are they?

Kepler 62e and 62f have a mass of 4.14 x 10E24, and 4.17 x 10E24. But Earth has a mass of 5.97 x 10E24 so they are much lighter than Earth.