Snail Mail,Email and Texting

By Jake and J.T.

Facts about snail mail

Snail mail is the traditional way of communicating with each other from one place to another.

1. Snail mail averages of 2 days for letters and 3-10 days for packages.

2. Costs for snail mail is the price for stamps or shipping for larger items.

3. To deliver you need a envelope or package and it is delivered by mail carriers and you receive it in a mail box or post office.

Facts about email

Email is electronic mail using internet.

1. Email, unlike snail mail, is free with internet connection.

2. Also, your digital message is delivered electronically across the internet through various servers.

3. Email is delivered instantly or within a few minuets if servers are busy.

Email certainly beats snail mail.


Texting is sending brief electronic messages between two or more mobile phones.

1. You can text anywhere there is a cell tower

2. Texting requires just a phone number to contact the person.

3. Texting is easy, mobile, and on the go.

similarities between snail mail, email, and texting

The similarities between snail mail, email, and texting

1. they're are all communicating with people

2. they're all sending messages from one place to another.

3. they all require some sort of address or identification.

and that's all about snail mail, email, and texting.