Identity & Relationships

By Jemma Bell

Informed Conscience

An informed conscience is when you are about to make a decision and you know all the positives and consequences of your decision. This links in with the church with the decision to have sex for the first time, whether you are doing it for the right reasons or not, abortion is also another one of those decisions where you definitely have to know your pros and cons of the decision you end up making.

Catholic Teachings On Sexual Intimacy

The Catholic church believes that sexual intercourse should only take place between a husband and a wife, any other sexual behaviour is frowned upon. Any contraceptives are seen as stopping a new life from beginning so the church does not believe in things like the pill and condoms. The church believes that if sexual intercourse is going to take place, it should be taking place to conceive a baby.

The Catholic Church Teachings On Contraceptives

The catholic church does not believe in any artificial contraceptives like condoms, the pill, spermicides and many others. They especially do not believe in the morning after pill, this pill basically aborts any egg that has been fertilized, the church see this as an abortion and ending a perfectly good human life. They do how ever belief in Abstinence which is not having sex until you are ready. They also approve of the fertility awareness and ovulation prediction method, this is when you pinpoint the exact time you will be ovulating and working out when you can have sexual intercourse.

A Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship in my opinion is a friendship or relationship that both people feel safe in, trusted, loyal and all round happy and comfortable. A healthy relationship can be many things, it can be with a close friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a family member or even a teacher. Each relationship with be healthy in it’s own way.

A relationship with a special friend, boyfriend or girlfriend should be very strong as you choose to be apart of their life and their’s apart of yours. Family relationships can be tricky as don’t choose or ask to be apart of a particular family, you just have to make it work. You have to willing and ready to make sacrifices and work through differences when you are in a relationship as you might have disagreements and certain others could happen like having children can really test first time parents. Last of all I will list a few vital things you need for a healthy relationship.

  • respect
  • honesty
  • trust
  • love
  • companionship
  • mutual emotional support
  • intimate expression
  • economic security