Rise and Sunshine

Sunshine meeting Recap

January Birthdays and Onward

Every third Friday of the month will be reserved to recognize birthdays in some way. This month we are going to buy a cake and/or cookies. Bonnie said she would get the cake. Stacy can you go with her or take money out of the bank for her to use, or do we just want to pay her back after the fact?

January Fun Outing

We are going bowling. I don't know of any bowling alleys in Tulsa SO Lauren, I want to put you in charge of this. Can you please find us an alley and reserve us a spot of two-three lanes for the 29th of January? I think we should invite spouses but I wasn't sure if we should invite children. YOu use your best judgement on this. I am leaving this entire thing in your hands Lauren! Thanks! Marian is making the flyer.

February Secret Pals

Stacy, this is your baby. You are in charge of making this happen. We are aiming for Feb. 08-12th. Let me know if you need any support with Elfster. You are also in charge of getting a the information about Secret Pals out there to the staff.

February Fun Event

We are going to do a Pinot's Pallette knock off. We are going to ask DeEllen to head this up. We will need to buy canvases. I think people who want to participate need to pay for their canvas up front before we order them. Rachel, I am leaving you in charge of this. Get with DeEllen and find out the cost of the supplies and when she is available to make this happen.

Once we have a date set, I will then get with Katy and ask her to find out from a partner if we can host the event on their property.

March Madness

I want us to really do something creative for testing encouragment. Give me your ideas please and we will meet the first week of February on Thursday after school in the Library at 3:30 to plan March Madness.

Leah Bereavement Gift

I have asked Leah what she wants us to do for her. She hasn't yet told me, but when she does I will let you guys know.