Share the past, present or future!

The Challenge

Create a timeline in minutes! Gather all your information and get clicking!

How to create a public account - it's free!

1. Put in your account details.

2. Wait for an email to confirm your account. (This only takes a few moments to get to you.)

3. Go to your dashboard at the top right hand corner of the screen.

4. There you can follow the basic steps to begin creating your own timeline for anything you please! Make sure your students have their information ready to upload and input before beginning.

5. The video below gives a step by step detail of numerous tools that you can use while creating your timeline.

6. Once you've complete this tech challenge with your class Twitter your work at #HETechChallenges!

HAVE FUN WITH THIS! You'll use it constantly - simplicity at it's best!

How to Create an Interactive Timeline with Timetoast