Size discrimination

Many people are judged by there body shape and features.

What is discrimination/size discrimination

1 The meaning of discrimination is to judge a person by how they look, there actions and beliefs.

2 Size discrimination is to judge someone by how they look and there body features.


People bully other people just by how they look and there physical body features. On July 15, 2014 a girl named Samm Newman shared her story about how she was bullied in middle and high school just by how she looks. She goes on to say that she found an outlet on Instagram where she could share pictures of herself and be loved. The group was a body positive movement group. She said it was her safe place to share anything and receive compliments. In the interview she told about how Instagram banned her for nudity (even though she was in a bathing suit.) She claimed that there where many other girls who wore minimal clothing or sometimes nothing and they did not get banned. She even told about some of the people who wore little clothing. Instagram reversed there decision and said what they did was a mistake. Although size-ism is evident in school does not mean that is where it always is. Some america people are denied from jobs or have wages lowered just by how they look. This problem in the workplace occurs 66% more over the past few decades. This is more common with women than men. Employers often think these people are lazy or sloppy and won't do the job to best of there ability. The ones who get hired are given lower positions only because of there appearance. The salaries of people overweight are 6.2% for women and 2.3% for men. Size discrimination is everywhere in america from being denied jobs to being made fun of in school.


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