Kipohtakaw Education Centre

Kaskatinowipesim "freezing month"

Message from KEC Principal Mr. Cory Arcand

kaskatinowipesim pîkiskwewina

tan’si niwâhkômâkanak,

anohcitakwâkin epimipahtâcik môswak (this fall the moose are running). I first want to start by saying thank you to all parents and families for supporting your children through the first month of school. I also want to say thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to try our best at providing a safe and supportive environment for children. Thank you and good job to all the parents and caregivers for getting your kids either on the bus or connected online (during school closure time), keep up that great work!

I want to apologize to all the junior - senior high students for having to postpose the Culture Camp, I know the students usually have an amazing time as well as learn good knowledge and teachings.

If you haven’t noticed as of yet, the construction of the new play parks for elementary are nearing completion and will be ready for student use in the next couple of week…EXCITING!

Some important dates to remember for this month include:

- October 1 Day in lieu from September 30 – no school

- October 6 Monthly Awards for September (virtual)

- October 8 KEC Annual Fun Run

- October 11 No School Thanksgiving

- October 12-13 “Safely On-board” Program K4-6

- October 20 Picture Day

- October 21 - 22 Professional Development Days (no classes)

- October 29 Halloween Parade @ KEC K4-12 – 1pm (virtual)

Please read through this month’s newsletter for more exciting news from your child’s and other school programs. Reminder: As we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic, I ask that parents continue to monitor their children for symptoms and keep your child at home if not feeling well. Also I ask parents to continue having those good discussions around proper mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing with your children…together we’ll get through this.

ekosi maka

Mr. Cory Arcand

KEC Principal

Message from the Vice Principals desk - Mrs. Suzzy Park

It's already October! I hope you have all had a chance to see all of the beautiful colors that fall brings. I want to thank the parents/caregivers and students for being patient, being online and participating in school as much as possible. I know that it is not easy and really appreciate all the families do to ensure that KEC students continue getting their education.

Thank you for taking some time to remember and learn about the truth regarding residential schools and participating in the events at the school.

October is the month to show kindness - miyohtwâwin. I hope we can all show kindness to one another especially during this time when there is so much division. We have a great Fun Run planned for the students on the 8th where we will be giving away some turkeys. We have our Bus Safety for our elementary students on the 12th and 13th. Don't forget Picture Day on the 20th and last but not least the costume march on the 29th.

This month the Trades students will be going to CLAC to do their welding portion of the course. We have the Culinary Arts students going to NAIT later this month. The sport academy will be finishing up with some more golf.

I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys this beautiful month.

Mrs. Park

Vice Principal

Stolen words read by Principal Cory Arcand & Vice Principal Suzzy Park


Student Service Coordinator/FNSSP


October is a beautiful, colourful month as Mother Nature gets ready for winter. October is special because of Thanksgiving and Halloween. Thanksgiving Day allows us to reflect and give thanks to the Creator for the many gifts of love, friendship, food, shelter and the ability to have an education and Halloween is a fun time with lots of tricks and treats.

Most students have settled back into our new normal of living in this Covid era of attending school in person or online as necessary for our safety and wellbeing. We’ve all gotten better at being spontaneous, and are now able to adjust our plans at short notice. Even the consultants and partners who work with us, know that they too have to go with the flow as dictated by Covid.

Our consultants (Speech Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and Psychologist) would have normally done screening and started with assessments and services for our students by now. While they have been meeting virtually and done initial planning, they are hoping to be able to be here in person, to start the first week of October. If you haven’t yet been in contact with me and feel that your child could benefit from any of the services we provide at the school, please do not hesitate to contact me. Homeroom teachers will be sending out consent forms for services as determined. Please sign and return the forms promptly, if one is sent for your child.

We continue to work with The Yellowhead Tribal Council (YTC) as our partner for our First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP). Literacy, Numeracy and Native Education remain our focus. Our Jr. / Sr. Land Based Culture Camp is an important Native Education activity which unfortunately had to be postponed. We’re now hoping to do our camp in May, 2022. Teachers are preparing for Literacy and Numeracy Assessments to be completed by October 5, 2021.

We encourage all parents/guardians to stay connected with the school. Your involvement in school activities let your children know that you are interested and will be supporting them on their educational journeys even during this unprecedented time. Remember that we have an open door policy; so if you are not able to attend activities on scheduled dates, please know that you can visit the school and meet with school staff at any time during school hours

Ay ay,

Betty Sewlal


Friday, Oct. 8th, 1pm

Kipohtakaw Education Centre

Due to pandemic NO VISITORS



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Halloween Costume March

Friday, Oct. 29th, 12:30pm

Kipohtakaw Education Centre

Due to Pandemic NO VISITORS

Healthy Celebrations - Halloween

Try these healthy snacks for Halloween parties or in a lunch for a spooky surprise!



· Apples

· Broken up banana chips


  1. Quarter and core an apple, cut a wedge from the skin side of each quarter, and press banana chips in place for teeth.

Note: If you are not going to serve the apple bites right away, baste the apples with orange juice to keep them from browning.

Adapted from



· Nutritious dip (see the “Healthy Dips and Sauces” page

for healthy options)

· Baby carrots

· Crown of broccoli to create stem

· Your choice of cucumber or other vegetable to create the



1. On a large platter, organize the baby carrots and other vegetables of your choice into the shape of a pumpkin. Use small containers filled with dip to create the eyes. Try finding other fun Halloween shapes to create and enjoy!

Adapted from



· Carrots

· Nutritious dip (see the “Healthy Dips and Sauces” page

for healthy options)

· Pitted black olives, raisins or blueberries (based on prefernce)


1. Slice carrots into one-inch thick chunks, top each with the nutritios dip and one half of a pitted black olive, raisin or blueberry, and serve.

Adapted from

KEC Elementary

Mrs. K’s K4 and K5 News

Tansi K4/K5 Families,

September has been a very busy month, as the students have started to settle into the classroom. They have done very well with learning all of the rules and routines, and have been very diligent with washing and sanitizing their hands throughout the day!

In literacy, we have started our Jolly Phonics journey and have learned the sounds “s, a, t, i”. The K4 and K5 thoroughly enjoy the Jolly Phonics songs…ask them to sing one for you! For numeracy, the students have been introduced to quantities 1-10, as well as counting to 10 in sequence.

We finished off the month with our Truth and Reconciliation week. The students listened to different stories and songs, and cut out and decorated their own orange shirts. I am so excited for October to come, as it is one of my favourite times of the year! We will be talking about “being thankful”, and will start to learn about pumpkins and bats. We will finish off the month by getting ready for Hallowe’en!

Friendly reminder to all parents/guardians to please send a bag of spare clothes with your child in their backpack, as well as a water bottle. The students tend to get very thirsty during recess and gym time! Also, the children play outside daily for recess. As the weather starts to get colder, please send your child in a warm jacket, mitts, hat, and proper footwear. Lastly, please check your child’s agendas in their backpacks for any important information, and return daily.

Hiy Hiy,

Mrs. K, Ms. Lee-Anne, & Mr. James

K4 & K5 nehiyawewin acimowin

tansi kahkeyaw!!

kaskatinowipesim ôma ohci acimowin

âsay ôma peyak pesim ôta kiskinohmâtowikamikohk kayayak

newo ekwa niyânan itahto piponêwak awâsisak ôta nehiyawewin ka kiskinohamâhtaw

Wow! I can’t believe we have already been in school for one month!! Our monthly theme for kaskatinowipesim is “miyohtwâwin” kindness. In our K4 and K5 class, we are still working on our classroom routines and getting to know each other. We are learning how to say basic classroom commands in Cree.

We have a very busy class, always working hard and doing a lot of fun activities! If you have any questions, feel free to call the school.

Ekosi maka,

Mrs. Flett, kohkom Kathy & Ms. Aginas

News from Grade 1

Tansi parents,

The spooky month of October is here! Halloween, here we come!

In grade 1, we are learning our letter sounds and review what we've learned each day. We have started to blend known sounds together into words. We are beginning to represent numbers we know in different ways like pictures, ten frames, part whole and on number lines.

In grade 2, we continue to review our letter sounds from last year and blend them together into words. We are also reviewing how to represent numbers in different ways like tallies, pictures, ten frames, and number words.

Remember to dress warmly now as it is getting colder. We go outside everyday for recess!

Hiy hiy,

Miss Marie

kaskatinawipesim acimowin

September flew by really fast!! We are continuing to work hard on our takwâkin (fall) theme in grades 1 and 2. It’s almost time for Thanksgiving already. The weather is changing and getting colder so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.

Grade 1 will be Creating Colour in Science and Grade 2 will be Exploring Liquids. Our focus will be on the Cree language all day.

We can’t wait to see you in person. Stay safe!

ekosi maka , Ms. Tallcree ikwa Miss Carol Auigbelle

Grade 3 October News


I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

I am so impressed with how well our students were able to transition back to online learning. I know we had a lot of practice last year, which has definitely helped! The students have been getting more and more used to using our chrome books and they are doing great!

We spent the last week of September learning and listening to stories with regards to Truth and Reconciliation. We listened to many different stories about children who went to residential schools. These stories are linked in our google classrooms for students and parents to listen to. We are so fortunate that our school is guided by our Elders and that we get to be immersed in our Cree Language and Culture every day.

We will continue working on various reading, phonics, reader’s response, and writing activities this month. If you are ever curious what we are working on, feel free to hop on to your child’s google classrooms J. We will be using Raz Kids again this year for independent/online reading. The books on their Raz Kids account are based on their reading ability and can be done independently or with a parent. àteacher name is tmadraga1

Students can also read on à class code dsu6468

As always, I hope we have a wonderful month of October.


Mrs. T. Madraga

Miss. Courtney Lafleche

Grade 4 News

Tansi Families,

This first month of school has been a whirlwind, but I am so thankful to have the opportunity to get to know our wonderful staff and students here at KEC. Thank you for the warm welcome into your school community!

Thank you families for all the support in getting your students online when we transitioned to virtual learning. Although it is not necessarily the easiest to teach or learn online, our students have been rockstars and are becoming quite competent in using google classroom and other virtual means of learning.

This month in grade 3 and 4 we have been getting to know each other and have started working on our curriculum. So far, grade 3 students have been learning about place value and representing numbers to 1000 in math, and rocks and minerals in science. Grade four students have also been learning about place value, and have been practicing representing numbers to 10 000. In science, grade fours are learning about waste in our world.

During the last week of September, we were reviewing what we knew, and learning more, about Orange Shirt Day and Truth and Reconciliation. We spent some of our class time learning about and discussing residential schools, the truth of the treatment of indigenous peoples within Canada, and what reconciliation is, as well as how the calls to actions from the TRC can be implemented. On Thursday September 30, we will be recognizing Orange Shirt Day and partaking in KEC's planned activities.

hiy hiy,

Mrs. Horita

Grade 5 News - Mrs. Mariah Taylor

We are now into October! Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the parents and guardians for their commitment to our quick change to online learning and getting your child ready for online school for that week. It can be quite the change for students and parents. I also hope you all got a chance to see our “Meet the teacher” video.

This month we will be starting our read alouds this is a great way for me to model reading strategies being taught in class and model critical thinking while reading. The students always have a fun time learning about characters since I always try to make it as interactive as I can. Within our writing we will be looking at opinions about topics and how to support those opinions using facts and well researched ideas.

Please check our school calendar in this newsletter for any special dates for this month.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns or just want to see how your child is handling the class. You can email me at

News from Grade 6 - Mrs. Michelle Duchesne

In September in Math for Grade 5 we worked on our patterns unit with a focus on beginning algebra. In October will be finishing our Patterns unit and starting on our Number sense unit, with a focus on place value, estimation, and multiplication.

In September in Grade 6 we worked on our patterns unit with a focus on input/ output machines as well as using variables. In October will also be finishing our Patterns unit and starting on our Number sense unit with a focus on place value, factors, and multiples.

In September in Science for grade 5 we learned about the dangers of electricity as well as how electricity is generated and brought to our houses. In October we will be finishing our Electricity and Magnetism unit. We will be doing experiments around how electricity is created and learning about circuits and electromagnetic force.

In September in Science for Grade 6 we learned about the forces of flight as well as air pressure. In October we will be finishing our Air and Aerodynamics unit. We will be doing experiments on Air compression and learning about drag and other factors that affect flight.

This week we have been doing many activities and had multiple discussion about Truth and Reconciliation week, I have seen some fantastic posters created so far. Thank you to all of the students who participated and wore orange.

In my class we will continue using Google classroom for all assignments, so if your child has missed a day they can find their assignment posted in their google classroom at the end of the day.

Phys. Ed Fitness Corner


Words from Mrs. Macrae...

The first month of the school year has come and gone. You all did an awesome job adjusting to a quick change from in school to online, and then back to in school. Students, give yourself a pat on the back for being flexible and keeping up with school.

The last week of September was a very important one where the school participated in the Truth and Reconciliation week. The committee did an amazing job getting the week set up for the teachers, and the teachers did an excellent job bringing the committee's ideas and resources to the classroom. In PE class the students were encouraged to go outside, go for a walk, and reflect on all of the information that they were absorbing in their classes. Students, it was a pleasure to read your personal reflections that you turned in about this week and how you felt about it. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Now that we are back in school hopefully we get to keep it this way and continue with in school learning.

October Activities:

Running Club - Oct. 6th

Fun Run - Oct. 8th

Words from Ms. Hardy...


I am excited for everyone to be coming back! We will be starting up the Run Club next week on October 6th after school. Please come prepared with a water bottle and running shoes. I am excited to see all your faces and to get active in person and not in front of a screen.

PE Team,

Mrs. Nikki Macrae, Miss Hardy, Mr. Joe.

Music Class

Tansi from KEC Music

I feel incredibly blessed to be back in class again after our recent time away. It feels great to see the students of K.E.C. and to hear their joy and excitement when the come in to sing, dance, and play. Let me highlight some of things we have been doing throughout our time both in class and online.

From Kindergarten to grade 2 we have been moving, (stretching, dancing, playing) singing, ( A variety of songs both in Cree and English) and practicing rhythm, ( clapping, drumming, and body percussion) As well as the MOST important skill…listening! The children are very keen on music and to see them full of joy and energy is really inspiring.

In Upper Elementary, (grades 3-6) the students will be learning either guitar or ukulele, as well as drumming or keyboards. We are also learning some basics of music theory and spending time exploring the influence of First Nations artists on popular music. In the coming months we will be learning songwriting and self-expression through music. I hope to have some videos to share with parents/community over the next few months.

Next Month YONA will also be continuing for those students now in grade 6 and 7 who have previously played in the orchestra. Violin lessons will commence on Oct. 5. In Jr. High we are also learning to play the instruments with a focus on basic chords and rhythms to eventually move towards playing songs. Kids have a much higher success rate with an instrument if they can quickly move into playing music THEY like and know. It leads to heightened interest, practice time, and skill development. I’m excited to get started on this process!

As always I’m available to talk with any parent/caregiver who wants to discuss their children’s progress or experience in music class. My email at the school is or you can call/text me at 780 667 2340. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hiy hiy,

Mr. Martin

Upper Elementary Cree class

kaskitinowipesim – freezing month

Value: nakateyimowewin - responsiblity

Tânisi kahkiyâw! Kaskinowipesim mekwac. We are into October already and we are busy in the Cree classroom.

Cree 3, 4, 5 and 6 we are reviewing Cree vocabulary and assessing where the students are at. It has been challenging again to be online learning and teaching, I appreciate those students who are logging on every day.

I am looking forward to having the students to be in class soon. Enjoy the nice tâkwakin days before the snow falls.

Ekosi pita, Ms. Yellowknee.


Tawaw from Grade 6/7 Homeroom - Miss Mineault

September has been filled with many amazing learning experiences.

In social studies, we have been focusing on history of our county, pre confederation. We have been covering current events and responding critically in our journal writing activites.

In Language arts, we have started reading Rez Dogs, and worked on parts of speech. It is beneficial for our students to read silently for 20 minutes. We have been using Epic, Readtheory and Razkids for this.

For our Truth and Reconciliation week we watched the Secret Path and visited the resource listed below. This was to gain an understanding on how the schools were designed to truly separate the kids from their families, and communities. We followed the path Chanie Wenjack took to try and get home when he ran away from the school. The mission to make these kids attend schools that were often so far from their homes was more impactful seeing how far he walked.

JR High Math & Science/Grade 8 Homeroom


Welcome to kaskatinowipesim – Freezing Month. The value for October is kindness miyohtwawin.

The first month has gone by and we have had lots of fun in Math and Science classes. I am thankful to have both in-person and online classes. I would like to thank everyone’s patience while we build a consistent routine and work out the technical glitches that come with online learning. I would like to encourage everyone to ahkameyimok!

In October we will be covering a lot of content in the following classes:

Math 6/7 – Integers and Decimals

Science 6/7 – Interactions and Ecosystems

Math 8 – Multiplications, Division, Squares, and Fractions

Science 8 – Mixtures and Flow of Matter

Math 20 – Number Concepts and Operations Algebras, Numbers, and Radicals

Please visit my google classroom for more Truth & Reconciliation resources

Hiy hiy

Mr. Ng

Greetings from Grade 9

Transitioning to online has been a challenge. Thankfully we will be back together soon. All students have been set up with powerschool so they can be checking their marks and staying on top of their progress.

Looking forward to being together in person. Mrs. Courtorielle and Mr. Dennis

Academic Success Program


Well September has come and gone. It has been an interesting month. It has not been fun to wear a mask in the school environment but that guideline is there for a reason, for everyone’s safety. We have had some bumps and hiccups for online learning but it is all getting smoothed out. Thank you to all parents for getting their children online. So let’s work together and keep everyone going on a daily basis. Also, this class has been changed from K&E to Academic Success Program (ASP)

I know we only had a small handful of days together but we were establishing the routine for the school year and their responsibilities. Each student has their own tote to keep all their school gear in and there is a seating plan in the classroom so each student is in their own area.

Each day we are starting the class by reading. They log onto Read Theory which is reading comprehension online. This gives me an idea where the students are in their reading levels. Also we reading leveled books on a website called Epic Books. I can assign books to the students at their reading levels. Lastly, we have Raz Kids. This site I can complete assessments and assign books to the students. We are aiming towards bring up their reading levels this school year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the school or email me

Ay Ay

Miss St. Denis/Miss Andrea White/Miss Tamara/Miss Lisa

News from Mr. McKenna’s Classroom/Grade 10 Homeroom


The English 30 class will be continuing their “Writing Unit” this month. They will be working on creating well organized and developed paragraphs and extending these paragraphs into stories and proper essays, with emphasis on organization and format quality. The students will also be learning how to gather information and develop essays for various purposes, including expository, persuasive, analytical, argumentative essays. It is evident that we have some strong writers in our English 30 class, and I look forward to helping them refine their skills to prepare them for their diploma essays at the end of the term!


The English 20 class will be continuing their “Writing Unit” this month. They will be working on creating well organized and developed paragraphs and extending these paragraphs into stories and proper essays, with emphasis on organization and format quality. The students will also be gathering information and developing essays for various purposes, including expository, persuasive, analytical, argumentative essays. It is evident that we have some strong writers and thinkers in our English 20 class, and I look forward to their continued growth over the term!


The English 10 class will be continuing their “Writing Unit” this month. They will be working on creating well organized and developed paragraphs and extending these paragraphs into stories and proper essays, with emphasis on organization and format quality. The students will also be learning how to gather information and develop essays for various purposes, including expository, persuasive, analytical, argumentative essays. It is evident that we have some strong writers and very creative thinkers in our English 10 class, and I look forward to working with each of them to develop their writing skills and understanding.

I would also like to bring awareness to our Truth and Reconciliation events occurring this final week of September. Please take the time to reflect on the survivors and the history of these events, and share in the understanding of how these events have impacted the lives of many.

Please wear orange this week to show your support and solidarity!


Mr. J. McKenna

Ab. Studies/JR-SR Cree Grade 11 Homeroom

tânisi kahkiyâw! kaskatinôpesim (freezing month) asay. The month of September sure has flown by!

Aboriginal Studies 10

Aboriginal Studies 10 is a provincial course suitable for all students in Alberta schools. The course is based on perspectives and worldviews of Aboriginal peoples. It includes the study of traditions and history of Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and particularly in Alberta. Student learning outcomes provide opportunities to examine such topics as governmental structures, literature, the arts and the sciences.

These past three weeks, we have been working on:

● Origin and Settlement Patterns

- What is Culture

- Origins

The week of September 27 through till the 30th, we have been learning about residential schools, the Pass system, and colonization on other continents. We have also been participating in Truth & Reconciliation Week.

Cree 20/30

We have been busy learning the grammar and syntax of the Cree language and learning how to write our beautiful language. Since the beginning of September, we have been learning the sounds of Cree (y dialect) and Syllabics/Syllabic Chart. Syllabics is an integral part of our Cree curriculum. We have been covering the grammar and syntax of the written language through learning the VAI paradigm, preverbs, and tense markers. We have covered

Cree 9

Since the beginning of September, we have been learning the sounds of Cree (y dialect) and Syllabics/Syllabic Chart. Syllabics is an integral part of our Cree curriculum. The students have really grown immensely and understand how the language is structured in order to understand it. They are VERY GOOD at translating syllabics to Standard Roman Orthography (SRO) and SRO to syllabics. I am very proud of them. Grade 9 Cree is a course which submerses students in task-based learning environments to strengthen their competence as Cree speakers. The course is based on perspectives and worldviews of Aboriginal peoples.

ekosi pitamâ

Brenda Morency

JR-SR/Cree Grade 12 Homeroom

Dreaver’s News

We have been having fun with Cree words and phrases using an App called Pixton. The ASP class is doing very well including staff.

We will continue working with the Unit A - Basic Conversation and Unit 7 -Mayiskamowin with the JRS.

Sr. Cree will continue studying Unit 1 – Greetings, Food, and Dinnerware.

Throughout the year we will continue with discussions on Truth & Reconciliation as this is a very important topic. These types of conversations should always happen throughout the year not just for one day.


Ms. Dreaver

SR High Science News - Mr. Malik

Tansi everyone! In October: Biology 20, Science 30, Science 10, and Science 14 students will all be working on their course's 2nd Unit. AP Math 7 students will be working on various Gauss Contest problems. To commemorate truth and reconciliation week, elders will be speaking in my classes throughout the week. Hiy-hiy, Ekosi maka, Mr. Malik

KEC Support Services

Online Support Teacher


September has flown by! I really enjoy my morning drive to school each morning. The autumn leaves are simply stunning and Alexander has such gorgeous foliage right now. Fall is my favourite season and I just love watching the changing colours and am thankful to be able to enjoy such beauty. The online students are in full swing having joined their classes the past couple weeks. I enjoy our check-ins and seeing what everyone is working on.

Hiy hiy,

Mrs Silver

Counsellor’s Corner

October is here already and we are well on our way into the new school year. September didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked, but hopefully October will see us all physically in the school all month long! It is important that we all keep doing our part as we continue to fight against Covid-19.

Again, I strongly encourage all Grade 12 students as well as their parents/guardians to book an appointment with me to make sure that they are on track for graduation requirements. These appointments can happen over the phone, in person or virtually. Graduation time will be here before we know it and any programs are already accepting applications. Do not delay in getting these applications in as it saves you a seat in the program of your choice.

If you are the parent/guardian of, or a student in high school and you don’t know how many credits and what courses are needed for a successful graduation, I would encourage you to reach out to my office so that we can be sure that your student is on the right track and on their way to being successful.

The Wellness Team continues to be ready and available to provide extra support for any students and families who are in need. Theresa Cardinal (Mental Wellness), Keshena Wilson (Behavior Consultant), Courtney Zielinsky (Success Coach) and myself are here to help you.

Please reach out by phone or email to set up an appointment to speak with any one of us!

Important dates:

October 1st– No School

October 8th – Fun Run

October 11 th – Thanksgiving – No School

Oct. 20 th – Picture Day

Oct. 21+22 – No classes – Staff Conference

Oct. 29 th – Costume March


Ms. Lara Thompson

Guidance Counsellor

Theresa V. Cardinal - Mental Health Therapist

Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s leading ‘lights’ wrote the following: “Reconciliation is a spiritual process… It happens in the hearts and minds of people.”

So what does ‘reconciliation’ mean to the Indigenous peoples of Canada? In 2008, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized on behalf of Canadians for the harm inflicted upon Indigenous peoples by the Residential institutions that were meant to annihilate the Indigenous population. In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report was made public with 94 calls to action.

The following was defined:

The TRC definition of reconciliation:

“. . . Reconciliation is about establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in this country. In order for that to happen, there has to be awareness of the past, an acknowledgement of the harm that has been inflicted, atonement for the causes, and action to change behaviour.” [1]

The Bible also states that Reconciliation comes from the Greek word ‘katallage’ meaning adjustment of a difference or restoration to favor. Reconciliation has much to do with transformation; it’s the moving from a place of separation, hurt, and brokenness to a place of healing, wholeness, forgiveness, and reunion. So how do we begin to reconcile our rightful place in this dominant society?

- By reclaiming our identity, language, culture, and nationhood

- By advocating that Respect be given for:

- Indigenous individuals

- Indigenous beliefs, cultures, traditions, worldviews, challenges, and goals

- By honouring treaties

- By acknowledging and letting go of negative perceptions and stereotypes

- By acknowledging and respecting Indigenous rights and title

- By building relationships

These are just a few things for your consideration. As we all know, this will not be an easy task. We will need to rely on the strength of our grandfathers and grandmothers’ spiritual beliefs, especially those who have gone before us so that we can reclaim our rightful place in this society. As Nelson Mandela stated, it will begin in our hearts to start that process.

Happy Truth and Reconciliation Day!!

News from KEC History Developer

Tânsi kahkiyâw,

My name is Kristen Mineault. I am from Canoe Lake Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan. I have a son who is 14 years old and have been teaching for 7 years at Kipohtakaw Education Centre,

I give many thanks to the Creator for the opportunity to teach your children. Kipohtakaw Education Centre strives to promote, enhance and maintain core traditional values found within the Cree culture of Alexander First Nation, as an educator it is my goal to ensure these values are continued in everything I do. With that said, I am very pleased to announce that I am moving from being a homeroom teacher into the position as the History Curriculum Developer. I am extremely excited to develop curriculum that represents Alexander First Nation's history, as well as build positive relationships within the nation. I am very grateful for the opportunity.

During the week of September 27th - 30th, our school participated in week-long activities designed to honour and remember residential school survivors. Our Truth and Reconciliation week allowed us to share stories, and have meaningful discussions about the residential school era. These conversations will continue to happen throughout the year. As educators, it is our goal to ensure our students know our truth and apply what they have learned to educate and advocate.

Please feel free to email me at

Ekosi pitima,


Big picture