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June 15, 2020

Dear Village Oaks Families,

I hope everyone has a peaceful, productive, and safe Summer Break. Please enjoy the pictures below from the last week of school as we celebrated our students during our 4th Grade Car Clap Out and Staff Parade!


  • For any parents who were not able to pick up their student's personal belongings last week please come to VO on Thursday, June 18 between 9:00am-12:00pm. Items will be located in our gymnasium. Please use the doors near our gymnasium to enter and exit the building.

  • VO 2019-2020 yearbooks have not arrived at our building due to shipping delays as a result of Covid-19. When yearbooks arrive parents will be notified.

  • Congratulations to Village Oaks Box Tops Challenge winners from this Winter! We are sorry we won't get to celebrate in class, but we would like to acknowledge our winners: The overall VO top student winner is Mila Meyers in Miss Alexis Paulk’s 1st grade class - again! The VO top class winner is Mrs. Smith’s 1st grade class! Our next Box Tops Challenge will be in the Fall, so please continue to use the Box Tops app and collect your Box Tops!



VO 4th Grade Sign
VO 4th Grade Teachers behind sign
NCSD Bus Drivers
VO Staff
VO staff
VO staff on bus
VO staff in parade
Student holding sign waiting on parade

Novi Educators For Equality

Last Friday hundreds of NCSD staff members participated in the Novi Educators for Equality Peaceful Demonstration along Ten Mile Rd. in front of Novi High School. This beautiful demonstration of love for our black community in Novi was organized and led by our very own Mrs. Rebecca Hofbauer, a VO standout teacher. Many district and community leaders were in attendance for this special event including our Superintendent Dr. Matthews and Chief Molloy who oversees the City of Novi Police Department.

Channel 7 News highlighted the demonstration where many of us proudly stood in solidarity as community members drove by honking their horns in support of the messages that were being displayed.

Becky Hofbauer holding a sign during rally
VO staff and police officers kneeling during parade
VO staff at rally
Big picture

Special Song From Jenya

Please click on the link below to enjoy the special tribute to VO teachers from Jenya Shamji! :)

VO Staff Tribute Song

Online Annual Registration


Open from 8/3/2020 - 9/8/2020

● WHAT? The Novi Community School District will use a new Online Annual
Registration system, via the MISTAR Parent Portal, for parents to update all
currently registered student information (such as Emergency Contacts) for Fall

● WHY? The goal of the new system is to improve customer service for returning
families and students.

● WHO? This system will be used for the Online Annual Registration for students
enrolled for Kindergarten through 12th grade, and for the Novi Adult
Transition Center students for Fall 2020. If a parent has pre-enrolled their
student for the 2020/21 school year, they will still need to register their student
using the Online Annual Registration system in MISTAR prior to the start of the
school year. Parents of pre-enrolled students will receive their MISTAR Parent
PIN and Password information, via email, during the month of August, in time for
using the Online Annual Registration system.

*At this time, the NCSD is planning for Middle School and High School students
to attend in-person registration days to complete their registration. Online Annual
Registration in MISTAR needs to be completed prior to attending the final step of
on-site registration. Dates to be announced.

● WHEN? Before the end of the 2019/20 school year, parents need to be able to
log onto their MISTAR Parent Portal account (parents will need their MISTAR
Parent PIN and Password).

The new Online Annual Registration system for Fall 2020 requires parents to be
able to log into the MISTAR Parent Portal. If parents have questions on how
to do this, they may contact their child’s School Building secretary as soon
as possible, prior to the end of the 2019/20 school year (June 12, 2020).

**The New Online Annual Registration System will go live on Monday, August 3,
2020 on the MISTAR Parent Portal**

Big picture

A Greener VO

Connect With Nature During a 'Green Hour'

The National Wildlife Federation encourages kids and their families to spend more time outdoors with their 'Green Hour' initiative. Check out Green Hour resources along with other ideas to help students and families create deeper connections with nature and the outdoors on the National Wildlife Federation site.


June Birthdays--Cha-cha-cha!

Snigdha Lakkakula--06/01/2010

Parker White-- 06/01/2011

Eloise White-- 06/01/2011

Shritha Thirunagari--06/01/2012

Madelyn Jenkins--06/02/2010

Lila Hackett--06/02/2014

Jack Kalousek--06/03/2010

Luz Kiara Jaime Ramirez--06/03/2011

Liam Sowders--06/03/2014

Narro Edmund--06/05/2014

Harshika Gidwani--06/06/2011

Sumith Madasu--06/07/2010

Hannah Armstrong--06/07/2010

Grace Rushford--06/07/2011

Anabelle Yeldo--06/07/2012

Akshaj Joshi--06/08/2012

Gautam Vijay--06/08/2013

Marie Eki--06/08/2014

Shardha Sridharan--06/10/2011

Layla Kovenich--06/10/2011

Shameema Abdulraheem--06/10/2013

Khyathy Bodapati--06/10/2013

Lars Crawford--06/10/2014

William Rodnick--06/11/2014

David Rice--06/12/2011

Charlotte Saven--06/14/2011

Colin Beaudoin--06/14/2011

Mackenzie Leverenz--06/14/2014

Maya Shiozawa--06/15/2010

Ish Parab--06/16/2013

Easton Luke--06/16/2014

Avaneesh Dale--06/17/2010

Meghana Sudha Attuluri--06/17/2010

Tejas Puram--06/17/2010

Sophia Rowland--06/17/2011

Taneesh Puram--06/17/2013

David Snead--06/17/2013

Saloni Tathe--06/18/2011

Jenna Atoui--06/20/2010

Aubrey Betts--06/20/2010

Aashritha Palakonda--06/20/2011

Priyanka Heintz--06/20/2012

Aaron Fleming--06/20/2012

Addison Cherne--06/20/2013

Neal Aayush Bhukya--06/20/2013

Ella German--06/21/2011

Jillian Jones--06/23/2010

Anshika Giri--06/23/2013

Ray Byczek-- 06/24/2010

Sathvik Nelluri--06/24/2011

Chayce Lessway--06/25/2011

Mila Carpenter--06/25/2013

Matthew Davis--06/25/2014

Sanjeev Vadivel--06/26/2010

Aastha Shah--06/26/2011

Zoie Edwards--06/27/2011

Harmony Johnson--06/30/2010

Monet Carboni --06/30/2011

Lucas Czarniecki --06/30/2014


We have opened the online pre-enrollment registration for the 2020-2021 school year and are making plans to welcome the incoming kindergarten class. Please complete the online pre-enrollment, so we can share pertinent information going forward. Completing the online portion will help us plan for student placement. We will eventually communicate when families will be able to submit required documentation to the Early Childhood Education Center. We can’t wait to finalize the registration process and welcome the incoming Class of 2033. If you have any questions, please review the NCSD enrollment page or call 248-675-3400.

VO School Day Conversations

  • How will you have a growth mindset during summer break?
  • Who will you team up and collaborate with this summer?
  • What are you most proud about this school year?

Novi Mental Health Alliance--Parent Emporwing Parent Program

The Parent Emporwing Parent Program connects parents in need with parents who know. PEP pairs up a parent who has experienced challenges in his or her own parenting to providing support, encouragement, and knowledge, to another parent going through a similar situation. Below are the flyers for program.

Learn more about the Novi Mental Health Alliance by visiting the website at: https://www.novi.k12.mi.us/community/novi-mental-health-alliance

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

VO Flags

One of the things that makes our building so special is our diverse student population--we have families in our community who come from all over the world! To celebrate our global diversity we have hung flags in our cafeteria that represent many of the countries of our VO families. As a gift from VO retirees we were given flags of the following countries: Israel, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, South Korea, China, and USA. Thank you to our parents who have also donated the following flags: Poland, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Nepal, Greece, Pakistan, Uruguay, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, Central African Republic, South Africa, Wales, Iceland, Australia, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia, Scotland and Yemen. If you would like to purchase a flag of your country of origin or to represent one of the many nationalities of our school please visit Amazon and search for an ANLEY 3x5 flag: VO Flags

Before purchasing and donating the flag to our school’s collection please contact me or one of our secretaries with the flag information so we can make sure that another family has not already ordered the same flag.

Country's Flags in VO Cafeteria

VO Staff Message

Please enjoy our staff's message for our students...we're all in this together!
VO Staff Message For Students


This year NCSD elementary schools will partner with Playworks to enhance the learning experiences for students throughout the district. Playworks is the leading nonprofit in Michigan and nationally using play to transform schools. A Playworks recess creates a place for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills. Please click on the link below and read the attached Playworks article to learn more about our partnership and Patrice our Playworks Coach!

Playworks Informational Link

Despite the current challenges Playworks is still committed to providing safe and healthy play for every child everyday. We see the work that you are doing to continue to educate our students and we are committed to providing the same SEL learning opportunities we have delivered in your classrooms all year. #PlayworksAtHome is a resource to help families and educators in a variety of formats so students can continue to #PlayAtHome.

Please see the resources below:

  • Daily online live stream recess on Playworks Facebook (@MakeRecessCount). A ( Playworks Coach will provide a virtual recess at 12:00 p.m., 2:00p.m., and 4:00p.m. every school day Monday - Friday

  • eLearning: Videos of adults leading Playworks games, minute movers, and stretches for kids that can be embedded into eLearning systems, shared on social media, embedded on websites, and more. Check out this example. These resources and more can be found on Playworks.org/PlayAtHome

  • Play At Home Playbook: This includes instructions for games that are adaptable and can be played with little to no equipment and with the CDC recommended guidelines for social distancing. These can be printed and distributed with homework and/or placed on school websites.

  • More resources - we also suggest sharing our traditional online Game Library allowing your community access to explore hundreds of games by group size, available space and equipment, appropriate ages, and developmental skills.

We thank you for continuing to be a supporter of play and sharing these resources on your social platforms and networks. We look forward to seeing you on our virtual playground!

Playworks Play at Home Game: Morning Stretch Shake It Out
Playworks Play at Home Game: Popcorn

Looking Ahead

6/9/20--Student Belongings Pick up

6/11/20--Staff Parade

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