Angie Castillo

Middle school

Middle school life

Have you ever wondered how middle school is like?

Well here is a close look from a actual middle school student!

The things that make middle school hard easy to go through in this article

Know your classes


Ok first thing about middle school is the classes.You should know that their is 8 classes,9 counting lunch.Each is 45 minutes,but lunch is only 30 minutes.If you struggle don,t worry.Don,t struggle if it,s hard the teachers assistants or the teacher can help youif you raise your hand.

The drama

The thing that makes middle school fun is drama.Everyday you see someone saying things about other people which causes fights.The break ups also cause drama because they start calling names to each other.So be careful with that!


There is different relationships some involve dating,friendships,and a student and teacher bonding.Friendship is my favorite because you have plenty of friends because of the different classes.Bonding with your teacher is fun because you get to talk to them like they are your friends.Dating also involves two people going out with each other.

All set!

Well that's all I know about middle school.Never ask me about sports because I know nothing of that,on your own on that.But the rest no need to worry about I hope I helped getting you guys ready for middle school. Good luck on your first day!