Owl Notes




*NOVEMBER - 2 weeks till the break! Use your the letter to yourself as an encouragement to make to the break!

*TEAM LEADER MEETING - Team leader will be meeting on Monday as soon as duties are over in the library.

*DR. WINKLER VISIT - Dr Winkler will be here on Tuesday at 1:00 for our campus visit. We will be walking classrooms popping in and see what you are doing. I know we will see great teaching going on as we walk around to visit!

* THIRD GRADE FIELD TRIP - Third graders will be taking a field trip on Tuesday and Wednesday. Half of the grade on Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday.

*MATH REVIEW STAFF DEVELOPMENT - Gretchen Montgomery will be here on Thursday to do a staff development during planning times for Math Review. She will limit this to about 25 minutes. Come to the conference room for this training.

*THIRD GRADE PROGRAM FRIDAY - The morning program will be for all students except 2nd grade. This will begin at 9:00. The afternoon program will begin at 2 and will be for 2nd grade and parents.

*RTI STUDENTS - If you have students that are being added to RtI Tier II, moved to Tier III or removed, parents need to be contacted by you the teacher. Once you have made that phone call, you need to do 2 things. 1. Record it in View It and 2. Email Lavonne that you called. She will then record the contact in ESped

*INTERVENTIONS WITH JAYDA - If you have students who are receiving intervention time with Jayda, please remember that you will need to be providing her with information and tools to use during that time. She has some books she can use to enhance reading, but need materials from you, the classroom teacher to ensure that she is doing the right intervention work.

*CLINIC IN NEED OF CLOTHES - If you have extra child clothing at home that your kids have outgrown, the clinic can sure use anything that is gently used. They need children's sizes small, medium and large.

*FREE JEANS THURSDAY - Dr. Null sent out an email challenging us to be good citizens and exercise our right to vote. On the honor system, if you have voted or vote next Tuesday, you are free to wear jeans on Thursday (since Wednesday is already our school jeans day). School top, holiday top, dressy top - your choice!

*GT NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN - If you have students who YOU feel need to nominated for GT testing (parents will be notified soon about the window being opened). the window is open. If you need a form, see Kara. Once you have completed it, give it to Deanna.

*TEAM HUDDLES - K - Monday, 1 - Tuesday, 2 - Wednesday, 3 - Friday (as usual, I'll be in your area at 7:25 if you wish to start early. Everyone needs to be in attendance for us to start)

*TEAM HUDDLE QUESTION FOR THOUGHT - What is one thing that YOU CAN CONTROL that stresses you out?


We are in the process of working with the Marzano Group to become a High Reliable School Level 1. Level 1 addresses factors considered to be foundational to any substantive change within a school. Level 1 has 8 leading indicators which provide evidence that the school is working on the first level and is progressing through the level. Much of what they are looking for we already have in place. However, it does ask us to increase our feedback from both staff and parents concerning safety and communication in the school. Below is the link to the survey that will go directly to the company and they will put together a report to present to our Site Based (CORE) team. It is important that we have everyone give their input so that we can make sure and meet the needs of all! Please take a few minutes and complete the survey by the Friday we get out for Thanksgiving.

If you have any questions about this process, please come see Tami. We are excited to join Oak Ridge High School, Irons Junior High, Vogel Intermediate, and Kaufman Elementary on this journey.


We are trying to ensure that we have correct information about technology in the classroom/grade levels as we look to make decisions about purchasing more items to support technology in the classroom. Please take 3 minutes and complete the survey below. If you are a team leader, please answer the questions concerning your team.

In order to access the questionnaire, you will need to be in your school google account not your personal gmail account.


Monday Team Leader Meeting

Tuesday - Half third grade field trip

Wednesday -Half third grade field trip

Thursday - Math Review staff development during planning

Friday - Math Review Quiz, Third grade Patriotic Concert


On campus opportunities to note: (Second Monday after school opportunities)

November 12 - Rubrics


Lizbeth Montalvo - Thanks for keeping the 3rd grade teacher's tummies happy! - 3rd grade team

Erin Ryan and Maria Ivers - for taking in some of our 3rd graders on the field trip day! - 3rd grade team

Maria Falcon - for pulling mysteries from the library so our 3rd graders are prepared with new books for their mystery unit. - 3rd grade team

Rachel Miller and Kinder Team - Thanks for creating fun while reading by arranging a visit to our school from Reader Man.

Keith Wardrup - For your never-ending love of teaching science to all students.


MIx it Up Monday - Find someone you don't know well, not on your team, and learn a new fact about them.

Try it out Tuesday - Try something new in your classroom on Tuesday.

WOW Wednesday - Tell someone about something they did that made you stop and say WOW!

Thankful Thursday - Tell a student you are thankful that they are in your class with a specific reason of why. Challenge yourself to call their parent and share with the parent.

Fabulous Friday - Write a shout out to someone for a doing a fabulous job this week!

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


5 - Team Leader Meeting

6 - Stephanie Richeson's birthday

6 - 3rd grade Field Trip

6 - Dr. Winkler visit to campus @ 1:00 p.m.

7 - 3rd grade field trip

8 - Math staff development during planning time

9 - Third grade program

9 - Math review quiz

10 - Cassandra Murdaugh's birthday

12 - Staff Development Monday - Rubric grading

13 - Fourth grade planning day

14 - Fall Class Pictures/retakes

14 - Tami out to Principals' meeting

15 - Thanksgiving Feast

15 - First grade field trip

15 - Kinder planning day

16 - Poster Method Friday

19 - 23 - Thanksgiving Holiday Week

25 - Karen Boren's birthday

26 - Lisa Lara's birthday

26 - Faculty Meeting

27 - Tami out to Jim Knight training

27 - Fourth grade reading benchmark

28 - Kim Johnson and Rachel Henderson's birthday

28 - First grade planning day

29 - Gretchen Montgomery comes to walk classes for Math Review

29 - Third grade planning day

30 - Poster Method Friday

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