by Janice Yoo

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Health Risks

  • May unintentionally introduce a new allergen
  • Bacteria in our bodies could pick up antibiotic-resistance genes
  • Familiar foods could become metabolically dangerous or even toxic

Farmers' Threats

  • Will cause small farmers to become indentured to big firms
  • Further reliance on vast monocultures
  • Farmers of monocultures vulnerable to lethal attacks by disease and pests

Environmental Threats

  • Will harm other wildlife, such as monarch butterflies
  • Insects could become 'superbugs' resistant to pesticides engineered into GM crops
  • Gene-thieving viruses could evolve into entirely new strains that could infect a whole range of plants previously unaffected

Natural Threats

  • Mixing genes is 'unnatural'
  • Genetic changes take a long time
  • Violates human-nature relationships and religious beliefs