Hitler and Nazi Germany

Brooke Nelson and Miah Fear


Rise of the Nazi Party

After WWI, several social and economic changes had been put into place, including Germany being made a republic. However, this caused unrest amongst people unhappy with these changes. Some had joined the German Workers Party, a small German nationalist party founded in Munich.
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In 1919, Hitler had joined the German Workers Party, a group of German nationalists. But by 1921, Hitler had taken total control of the party and renamed it the National Socialist German Worker's Party, or Nazi for short. The group had gradually grown to a large size, and eventually was greatly supported by much of Germany because of the people's anger due to political and economic instability. Through loud, emotional, and exciting speeches, he promised the people economic change, strong leadership, and a better future. The Party had grown to cover most of Germany, making the country a One-Party totalitarian state. Hitler had successfully defeated or killed off political opposition, quickly making him the dictator of Germany. After this, Germany became known as "The Third Reich."


Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) had initially been a spy for the German army, and was sent to monitor the strange activity of the recently founded German Worker's Party. However, he found himself in agreement with many of their beliefs and agendas. Hitler had become an active member of the party, and through his big ideas and grand speeches, he became very popular and an inspiration to it's members. He eventually rose though the ranks and became the main leader of the party.
Adolf Hitler was the primary leader of the Nazi party and the dictator of Germany from 1933-1945. He had been unsatisfied with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which ended world war I, and required Germany to make a great number of reparations. His nationalism led him towards the goal of world conquest, in which much of Europe was occupied by the Nazis. He also believed that the Aryans had been the best breed of humans. This racism on top of his antisemitism led him to send more than 6 million Jews to their death by slaughter or in concentration camps. This genocide was known as the "Holocaust", and it caused the rest of the world to turn against him. The down fall of Hitler and the Nazi party came soon afterwards. The party had been outlawed and it's leaders had been convicted of was crimes. During the allied countries invasion of Germany, Hitler committed suicide.
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HITLER'S GERMANY ( World War II Propaganda Newsreel )

Essential Questions


What did being part of the Nazi party mean to the people of Germany?


How did the people feel about Hitler as a leader?