FUN-damentals Part 1

1. Check your schedule

If changes are needed, go to Change My Settings - My Schedule in the bottom corner.

If your TEKS are not available or need to be changed, please put in an EDUPHORIA HelpDesk ticket so that Vickie Taylor can get your information correct.

2. Activating a Lesson

Click on the blue/gray box with the subject heading. Once a lesson is activated and saved, it will not be affected by changing defaults.

3. Default Text

Every day in your planner has a "Default Text" in place that was set by the district. You have the freedom to use this default setup or create your own.

To change the default text:

  • Activate a day by clicking on it's blue heading
  • Create the text the way you'd like it
  • Click on the wrench in the upper right of the blue heading box
  • Set as default text for entry

The new default text for entry will only appear on dates that you have not already activated. This protects you from erasing plans you've already created.

4. Week view vs day view

Sometimes it can be frustrating to get from week view back to day view, just double click on the day.