Sasha Hanrahan

English portfolio

6 word memoir

Always strive to be hard working

Sasha's Utopian rules

  1. Always smile
  2. Be honest
  3. Don't hate in people
  4. Party at least one day a week
  5. Unlimited spending money
  6. Respect your queen Sasha
  7. Never ever be rude
  8. Always value your friends
  9. Spend time with your family
  10. Enjoy life

Cast actors and actresses for the movie version

Big brother - dieter Laser

Winston - Johnny Depp

Mrs. Parsons - Betty white

Syme- Will smith

Blog Post - Ideals of Freedom

In the United States of America we have many freedoms, that is why so many people want to become U.S citizens. As a citizen you have the right to practice your own religion and you have freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. You also have the freedom to do what you want with your body and what you want to do and where you choose to live. In Some countries around the world they don’t have these freedoms. Some freedoms that I enjoy are the freedom to practice whatever religion you want to and I also love the freedom that I get to go to school and get an education. Some girls in other countries are not allowed to go to school. I also like the freedom of speech that I get. I like that I get to express my ideas, thoughts and concerns about things. I am very grateful for these freedoms I get. Sometimes we take them for granted. I think in a country where freedoms are not balanced out among the citizens a lot of bad things could happen. It could possibly cause an uprising where the people with less power rebel against the people with more freedom. I think it is unfair to have an unbalance of freedom among citizens. When I read the prompt I made a connection with modern day America. We have an unbalance of freedom among citizens. I think of people in jail because they are American citizens but they don’t have the same freedoms as everyone else, But nothing “bad” happens because they had a chance at their freedoms but they ruined it. It’s not like that in some countries because in some countries. Overall I think in a country with unbalanced freedoms between the citizens it will cause uprisings

New chapter ending

Chapter 1 .

After Winston wakes up from all the tossing and turning he jumps up and writes in his journal when all of a sudden he hears a knock at the door , he tries to hide the journal as best he can as he rushed to the door , wondering who could be knocking at this late hour .He opened the door just a crack and saw the face that was everywhere at all times , it was big brother . Winston was lost for words and did not know what to do . Big brother pushed the door open and walked into the apartment and sat down . Winston did not know what to do . He said " Would you like a drink " and gave Big Brother some Victory Gin. As they sat in silence for hours , finally big brother spoke "Do you know why I am here" Winston was in shock , " No sir " he answered. "I have come to kill you " big brother said calmly