About Me!

Hey! My name is Tinnelle I have a younger sister and a younger brother. I enoy playing sports, hanging out with friends, spending time with my family, taking pictures, and many other things. I was born in New Mexico, and moved to Texas when I was young.  

Year at a Glance

Alot has happened this past year. Starting out as a sophomore was very scary at first, but I can't believe I'm almost a Junior! I can say that I have grown up alot this year, and have been though alot that being, at school and at home. Sophomore year was fun and I really enjoyed it.

Dream Vacation

What would my Dream Vacation be... I have always wanted to go to Hawii. I would love going and spend time with my family. Take hundreds of pictures, go swimming, and just enjoy life. I would love spending all day at the beach and trying new things.


The advise that I would give for next years students is just don't be in a hurry to grow up. This year went by so fast for me and I wish I could just slow down or push the rewind button. I really wish I would have lived every day this past year to the fullest. Sophomore year wasn't bad or hard at all, I just wish it would have gone by slower. My advise would be just enjoy life and live it out, have fun but also don't do anything stupid.The actions you make in High School tell the kind of person you will become in life.