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Singapore is a small island country in South Asia with the shape of a diamond.Singapore consists of a large island and 50 more smaller islands.The largest island is named Singapore.Singapore has great beaches, hotels and parks where you can spend your time with family.The capital is named Singapore as well.This country can be also call the city of the future.We have a population of 5,353,494 million people.We have 3 main ethnic groups-Chinese, Malay, separated from Malaysia in 1965.We are one of the most prosperous country's.Singapore is a city state we depend of a city and a religion.

Singapore-City of the future

geography & climate.

Singapore clime is a hot humid climate.The wettest months are from November to March because the north monsoon blows, and dry season is from June to October.

Geography-Singapore is a small island in south lies on the tip of the Malay peninsula.Singapore has about 50 smaller islands.Singapore was separated from Malaysia in 1965.Singapore is 3.5 bigger than Washington d.c.It also is the name of the bigger island.It has a area of 714 km.

People & culture

people & culture

People-Singapore has three ethnic group
In Singapore languages are Mandarin,English,Malay,Hokkien,Cantonese,Teochew and Tamil.Singapore religions are Buddhism,Muslim,Hindu,Taoist,catholic and christian.We have a popullation of 5,353,494 million people.Urban popullation 100%.There are alot immigrants. Singapore has no official religion. The country's Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The main religions practiced are Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, and Hinduism. Most of the Chinese in Singapore practice Buddhism or Taoism, and most Malays are Muslims. Hinduism ranks as the main religion among the Indians of Singapore, and Christianity is the dominant faith among the Europeans

Culture-Art,culture and theater are the culture of Singapore.Theres to chinese operas,indian dancing and malay drama.The annual singapore festival brings dancers,musicians and artist to singapore.Some holidays are the vesak day,labor day,hari raya puasa and christmas.Performances by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra are also popular.

Government & citizenship

Government and citizenship

Government-Singapore is a republic. A unicameral Parliament makes the country's laws. A prime minister leads a Cabinet, which carries out the operations of the government. The Parliament has 84 elected members, up to 9 nominated members chosen by a select committee of the Parliament, and up to 3 appointed members called nonconstituency members.

Citizenship-They have rights to vote because they have a president.They can only vote until 21 years old.Immigrants are not aloud to vote they need to citizens of singapore.Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and a premier destination for lifelong learning complemented with world-class educational institutions.The main language of instruction in Singapore is English, which was officially designated the first language within the local education system in 1987.



Singapore is essentially a trading has developed a more varied economy and has become an important financial, trade, and transportation center. Singapore has many banks, insurance firms, and finance companies, as well as a stock exchange. Tourism is also important to the economy of Singapore.

There is little unemployment in Singapore. The country's annual income per person is one of the highest in Asia.

singapore exports

rubber, fishery products,halons

guns, chemicals ,diamonds

meat, millitary, equipment rice


oil,fruits, mediments

food, minerals, chemicals

electronics, helmets