The Farmers Wife Trial

By: Ana-Maria Kelly

Once upon a time there was a farmer and his wife. The wife was very evil. And one day when the farmer was gone, three blind mice crawled into her kitchen. The wife was not afraid, but she took a carving knife, and cut off their tails. A sparrow passed the window and say the wife commit this crime. The sparrow told the old wise owl, who was the head of the farm. The Owl decided the wife must be arrested for her crime against the mice. The Cows, then went and retrieved the wife from her house(they read her her rights of course). They brought her into the Barn. After some discussion about the case between the Jurors (the sheep) and the Judge(the owl), they said the wife could go on bail if she payed them 3 apples and 2 husks of corn, to grantee she would come back for the trial. A few days past as the farm got ready for the trial. On the day of the trial, all the animals gathered in the Barn, as well as the farmers wife. The trial began with an assignment, where the owl gave the wife and her defendant(Her Cat), a statement of what she was being accused of. The Prosecutor (the Rat) then called his first witness to the stage, the sparrow. The Rat asked the Sparrow many questions about the farmers wife and her behavior before, and after the crime was committed. The Sparrow told the Rat that the wife was evil and that he always sees her committing crimes like this. After the Sparrow took his seat, the Cat asked for a recess. The Cat thought it might be best to plea bargain, so the punishment wouldn't be as harsh, but the wife was stubborn and refused to admit she did anything wrong.
After the recess the Rat submitted Exhibit A, the tails of the mice, found in the wife kitchen. When the Rat called the wife to the stage, and had her swear to tell the truth, she said that those mice tails were already there when the so called "crime" was committed. The wife stated that she was in the kitchen making cookies for the orphans, and so she couldn't possibly have hurt the three blind mice. The Grand Jury and the Petit Jury both knew the wife was guilty of Perjury, but let her take her seat. The it was time to Convict, or to Acquit. Was this crime a Misdemeanor, or a Felony? The verdict was clear, that the Wife had brutally injured the three blind mice. The Wife's Indictment was plainly seen and she was charged with domestic violence. The wife frantically tried to appeal but it was no use, she was clearly guilty. She was sentenced to 3 years of cleaning up after all the animals in the Barn. The End.