Fifth Grade News

Issue #13

Keep In Mind for week of November 18th

  • Crozet Food Drive - All this week: benefits the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (helps out local families)

    Macaroni Monday- pasta and rice

    Tuna Tuesday- canned meats

    Waxy Wednesday- canned veggies and soup

    Tacky Thursday- peanut butter and cereal

    Fruity Friday- Fruit and fruit juices

  • Wednesday, November 20th Red Sweater Project discussion in the afternoon
  • January 23rd 6pm- Henley Transitions meeting for parents with Pat McLaughlin
  • January 24th 1pm - Henley Transitions meeting for students
  • 5th Grade is running out of glue and pencils. We'd appreciate any donations!

Math Corner

We are continuing to reinforce skills in multiplication, long division, fractions, decimals, and percents. This week we are focusing on measuring 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects. Students have studied area and perimeter before, but volume is a new concept in 5th grade. Check in with your student; make sure they understand the difference between these three key terms.

Students have enjoyed being hands on with measurement and we will continue to explore area, perimeter, and volume. We want to stress how useful understanding these terms are in the real world.

From the Science Lab of Mrs. Agee

Here is the link to our online local geology projects!

Students did an incredible job and provided great information to our school about central Virginia. As we begin our ocean study, here is a good link for review at home:

From the Historical Perspective of Ms. Deal

We are 'on the road to the Revolution' this week. We will be discussing the Intolerable Acts and how these laws effected life in the colonies, and specifically, in Virginia. Students will understand why the colonies went to war with Great Britain as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

From the Writing Desk of Mrs. Garbaccio

We are continuing with our nonfiction reading and research for our historical fiction essays this week. This week writers are to pretend to be a boy or girl during the colonial fight for freedom. Using historical facts, they will discuss how the war is affecting their character's life. This written work is due by Monday, November 25th, in order to submit it for entry into the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest. We will be learning how to create a proper title page and bibliography this week. I look forward to this challenging week with our writers.