What is Balance?

balance is thought to be a process through which the body adapts to the external and internal forces acting on the body to maintain stability or equilibrium.

Balance is specific to the task being performed.

Two types of balance- static balance which refers to maintaining balance whilst performing activities that are stationary e.g. balancing on a beam in gymnastics.
dynamic balance refers to maintaining balance whilst moving e.g. cycling, surfing

Health or Skill related?

Balance is a skill related component.
It is closely associated with improved performance in sport and physical activity, and less important to improving health and fitness.

Factors that effect Balance

3 factors that influence balance include

§ Changes in location

§ Changes in the environment that supports the body

§ Change in the position of one or more body parts.

§ Balance can be improved by increasing the area of the base of support and/or decreasing the height of the centre of gravity

For example, in surfing the position of feet on the board greatly influences your balance, so too does the environmental factors like the weather,

-rough swells are harder for the surfer to keep balance.

Sports or events that require an athlete to have a high competency in Balance

every sport in some way uses balance, these are a few examples of them:

o Surfing

o Swimming

o Cycling

o Equestrian

o Yoga

o Fencing

o Gymnastics

o Archery

o Weight lifting

o Golf

o Pilates

2 recognised tests including methods and norms

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Training methods used to train balance

there are no particular training methods used to train specifically for balance