McGown's Memos

February 1-5

Reflecting Back...

Last week we talked about American symbols and their significance to our country! We studied the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Bald Eagle, American Flag, White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. This week we are discussing famous Americans in our country's history.

This week...

Here is our focus for the week:

Theme: Famous Americans

Language Arts- Beginning,Middle,End, Author's Message, Retelling the Story, Nonfiction Research

Writing--Beginning, Middle, End, Transition Words

Math- Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Science- Natural Resources, Sources of Water, Reduce,Reuse,Recycle

TILES- r-blends, double endings (ex: __ff, __ll, __ss, __zz), 'oo' in the middle of words

Spelling- er, ir, ur

Unit 3 Week 5 Spelling Words List A

  1. her
  2. first
  3. bird
  4. girl
  5. burn
  6. were
  7. shirt
  8. fur
  9. hurt
  10. sir

Unit 3, Week 5 Spelling List B

  1. nurse
  2. burst
  3. twirl
  4. turn
  5. absurd
  6. swerve
  7. birthday
  8. squirm
  9. squirt
  10. swirl

*If your child received a 9/10 or 10/10 on the pre-test, he/she will take the challenge word test on Friday. Every learner will be taking one of the spelling tests each Friday. I sent home the correct list for your child in his/her take home folder today. You will not receive the pre-test home on Mondays anymore. I will send home both the pre-test and test on Friday.


I will be sending home another resource with strategies that we are using in class. Feel free to practice these strategies at home with your learner.

I will be sending home the GoMath Volume 1 Math workbooks. These are good for extra practice and for those of you who have kiddos who are asking me for "homework" :)

If they finish the math workbook before the end of the school year and bring it to me, I will give them a special prize!

iStation at Home

Please let me know if you would like for me to enable iStation at home for you! I would be happy to do so. This is great practice for your learners!
Istation Home

And Also...

  • Scholastic Order will be going home! These will be due February 12th. Order online or turn form in to me.
  • Assessment summary sheets were sent home in your child's folder. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  • Valentine's bags/boxes will be made at school. Your child needs to bring his/her valentines to share with the class on Friday, the 12th.
  • Val-o-grams will be sold for 25 cents each by the 5th grade for students to purchase!
  • Library on Thursdays...don't forget your books! :)
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Upcoming Events!

February 5th- Genius Hour

February 10th- College Shirt Day

February 12th- Valentine's Parties

February 15th- Staff Development...No school for kiddos!

February 16th- Miss McGown absent for Math Educator Academy

February 17th- Walk to School Wednesday

February 22-26: Book Fair!

February 26th- Round-Up

Our class valentine’s party will be on Friday, February 12th. Every Friday one grade level at CCE has “personal learning community” time while the kids go to a second specials. That Friday happens to be first grade’s! Because of the conflict, our party will be at 12:40. It will end by 1:30 when the kids will go to P.E. Just wanted to let you know in case you planned to come! : )

Leader of the Week! (January 28th)

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