Dont give your children two pencils!

What is this challenge?

This game was a overnight success,NOT a good one. Charlie is a young 9 year old dead boy,DEVIL. People wanted to contact him in spirit,STUPIDLY. This is the new Ouija board. The Ouija board allows you to talk to dead spirits without seeing them,hopefully. Most times a random,BAD spirit follows you into your home. But these people wanted Charlie not Robert, not Ronny, Not John,they wanted Charlie. To contact Charlie they got two number two pencils lied them like a cross on a paper that said yes no no yes in a box and say charlie charlie are you here in the dark at 3:00 in the morning. If it says yes you ask questions and get answers if it says no you say Charlie charlie can we end this ritual? If yes break pencils and burn the paper. if no break pencils and fold paper and keep it with you until you end the game.

Charlie IS evil!

Charlie Charlie Pencil Game | Nick Bean

DO NOT try this at home for the sake of SAFETY DONT try AT ALL


The worst part about this is little kids are doing this not just teenagers some adults too, PLEASE STOP THIS NONSENSE