Pride and Prejudice Symbols

Chapter 18-22 Tammy Tang

1. Ball

Opportunity for everyone from different social classes meet, dance and sing.

Chapter 18 - Elizabeth danced with Darcy and they barely talked.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 69)

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2. Piano

In Chapter 18, Mary sang two songs and the piano symbolizes her because this is her moment of being in the spotlight.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 76)

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3. Embarrassment

I'm describing Mrs. Bennet since she is embarrassing herself and her family because in Chapter 18, Mrs. Bennet talks a lot. She would brag about Elizabeth marrying to Mr. Collins and brags about marriage of Jane and Mr. Bingley.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 78)

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4. House

Mr. Collins just want to propose to Elizabeth so someday he can inherit the family’s house.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 80)

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5. Letter

In Chapter 21,

Jane received a letter saying that Mr. Bingley left to London and they are not coming back. They are meeting up with Georgiana, who is Darcy’s sister. The letter also states that Mr. Bingley is planning to marry Georgiana

(Austen, 1813, pg. 88)

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6. Airplane

In Chapter 21,

Mr. Bingley, his sister, and Mr. and Mrs. Hurst left to London. Miss. Bingley knows that her brother is in love with Jane, but Miss. Bingley keeps on pushing their marriage back. (Based on social class)

(Austen, 1813, pg. 88)

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7. Social Class Pyramid

This whole book is about your social class. For example, marriage is basically about your wealth and how you look.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 89)

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8. Broken Heart

In Chapter 21,

When Jane received the letter, I feel like she got a little upset but Elizabeth kept on cheering Jane up.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 90)

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9. Ring

In Chapter 22,

Mr. Collins proposed to Charlotte Lucas and she said yes. Charlotte’s reason to marrying Mr. Collins was that he had money and that she wanted a home without relying on her parents or siblings

(Austen, 1813, pg. 94)

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10. Question Mark

In Chapter 22,

After Elizabeth rejected Mr. Collins proposal, he went and asked Charlotte and she accepted. This is a confusion because Charlotte accepted his proposal for other reasons.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 84)

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