Christopher Columbus

By: Jordan C

Background of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus had grown up watching and seeing Marco Polo sailing to Asia and Africa. These journeys that he had seen convinced Christopher to travel and experience these country's. Christopher became a sailor at the age of 15, he had journeys along the coast of Africa, North of Ireland, even Iceland. After these few journeys Christopher had a mission to find an easier route to Asia and find gold and spices to make Spain rich.

Important Events

  • One important event in Columbus's life was hen he became a sailor if he did not become a sailor and sail for resources and new land for his home country.
  • Another important event was when Christopher convinced Queen Isabella to take a trip to get to Asia for gold and spices to make Spain rich this lead to new discoveries for Columbus and Spain.
  • When Columbus was sailing he found a small island that ha lots of East Indians Columbus captured these men and woman to take him to Cuba where they had gold. These findings had the Queen of Spain trusting him on more voyages.