Fluorite most colorful mineral

Xenotime, Pyrite, Carbon


Fluorite is the most colorful mineral. It is very unique in many different ways. For example fluorite can come in as many different and unique colors and also shapes too. So below you can see some pictures of the mineral fluorite.

You should buy Fluorite because...

Fluorite is very unique and it is unlike the other minerals. This mineral has many different shapes and colors too. The fluorite mineral can also come in different sizes, they can be one big thing or in little pieces.

Fluorite Mineral

More info about Fluorite

  • Color- comes in many colors like purple, yellow, pink, orange, and green.
  • Luster- vitreous
  • Cleavage- octohedral
  • Fracture- irregular and brittle.
  • Hardness- 4
  • Streak- white
  • Transparency- transparent to translucent
  • Specific Gravity- 3.1+

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