The Scientific Revolution

Created by: Ally Gipson

Early Science

Before the Scientific Revolution, science was based off of four men; Aristotle, Ptolemy, Dante, and Aquinas. Science was more based on God than anything else. If God wanted it to be so, it was. People also based their view off of that everything in the world was of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Man could also not understand that the planets, the cosmos, etc. were made up of the same thing-matter.

New Philosophy

Up until the Scientific Revolution, people rarely questioned things in fear of angering the Church and the wrath of God. However, around 1530, man began to want to know how the world worked. He wanted to know the form behind the miracles, it was not enough to accept the miracle-it now had to be explained. This helped the Scientific Revolution greatly because they had immense supporters who were just as curious as the great thinkers.

Religion and Witch-hunts

Despite all these new discoveries thanks to the Scientific Revolution, many people still stuck to their traditional beliefs. Astrology and magic were what most people believed in and were too stubborn to change that. This is what lead to the persecution of the new scientists by the church and the witch hunts.