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news about workshops, artists, shows and more .. 2013-3

One day workshops also in 2014

We were asked to organise more one day workshops. You will get a kind of 'schnupfercurse' and can taste a bit of the teachers way of working with felt. We started to introduce the one days this year with some teachers and it will continue 2014. The workshops with Irene van de Wolf can be followed also in separately. Andrea Graham will teach a 1day jewelry workshop , Leiko Uchi has a 1day pine-needle baret workshop and Anita Larkin in september also offers a 1day workshop.

New upcoming workshops!

We have been working on new exciting workshops for 2014. We are pleased that Minka de Weerd will be here to give a workshop with Silverclay and Felt at 24-25 May 2014. This will be right after Andrea Graham, which will be a good combination for the ones further away. Some of you have already seen the workshop with Leiko Uchiyama, who makes splendid fine 'pine needle' felt, which looks as almost knitted fabric.

Two 'Aussies' with Dutch roots shall be here, Martien van Zuylen and Pam de Groot. Both will make a tour through Europe with a startingpoint at Atelier Fiberfusing. We are working on the programms with Jorie Johnson (august), Anita Larkin (september) and Pamela Macgregor (October). There is still a lot of work to do here, but we will keep you informed. You will find a list below and you can click on the blue lines for more information about each individual workshop.

ArtWear Jordaan / meet and greet

The shop will be open extra in November and December 2013 on the mondayafternoon from 13.00-16.30. Although the weather is grey and rainy, the window will be styled in all kind of whites to get in the mood of Christmastime.

A visit to the shop combines perfectly with a walk over the Noordermarkt on mondaymorning. De Noordermarkt is known by their stalls with fabrics and all kind of textile accescoiries. It closes at 13.00hr.

Just come to the shop to say hello and have a chat and a cup of tea. ArtWear Jordaan, Brouwersgracht 145 in Amsterdams is only 5 minutes walking away from the market. See you!


Give a handmade gift. This Fiberfusing Gift-voucher online makes it easy. You can order it by mail and swap it for a handmade items or workshop. Mail atelier Fiberfusing about the details

New workshop schedule 2014

April, 05-06 Kate Ramsey / Lacy Days

April, 09-13 Irene van der Wolf / Image Insight

April, 20-27 Ulla Lapiolahti / Design with natural dyes, printing and painting

May, 08-11 Anneke Copier and Claudio Varone / Felt for Architecture

May, 17-22 Andrea Graham / Jewelry - 3d surfaces - A serie of pods

June, 05-08 Leiko Uchiyama / Pine-needle Felt

June, 13-15 Martien van Zuilen /

June, 19-21 Ricarda Assmann / Textile-felt laborator

July, begin Pam de Groot

July, end Horst / fashion design and show

August, begin Jorie Johnson /

August, 18-24 Irit Dulman / eco-design

August, 28-31 Anita Larkin / Felting Found Objects

October, 17-19 Pam MacGregor / high teapot time

Some of the programms are known yet (see the flyers).

For the others the programm is almost done and for some I need to plan for a suitable date (Tatiana Sheverda, Barbara Poole)


All workshops will be teached in English and/or Dutch. They are from 10.00-16.30. Send an email for prices, registration and conditions. At your request there will be send a list of accomodation and navigationplan.

Atelier Fiberfusing

located only 20 km from Amsterdam and the airport, but surrounded by the greenfields of the countryside