Directing a Movie

By: Will

Problem 1

The Budget for a movie is 1 Million dollars. Will spends some amount of it on camera equipment. He has 800,000 dollars left. How much money did he spend on camera equipment?
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Problem 2

There are 4 actors and each actor gets paid evenly. They to all get $100,000. How much money did Will pay the actors?
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Problem 3

Regena wanted more than 100,000 dollars. She wanted 113,561 dollars (That is how much the purse she wants costs). How much more money does Will have to pay her?
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Problem 4

Finally the movie came out and and more than 30,000 people watched it on the firs night! The family pack of tickets costs over $12.00 for 4 tickets. How muck does one ticket cost?
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