Bryan Middle School

2017-2018 Bear Bytes September/October Newsletter

Mission Statement and School Motto

Our mission at Bryan Middle School is to create high school readiness through a rigorous and respectful learning environment.

Our motto at Bryan Middle School is BEAR P.R.I.D.E. Peers Respecting Individuality, Diversity, and Excellence.

Principal's Message

Dear parents and families of Bryan Middle;

We welcomed nearly 825 7th and 8th grade students to a new school year and are off to a nice, rewarding year. Thanks to a generous donor, our entire school was able to view the historic solar eclipse on August 21st. We all went to Bryan Stadium to view the eclipse to a special musical playlist. Our students will remember this day for a long time.

One of our focuses this year is being kind to each other and respecting each other. We are a "No Place For Hate" school and recite a reminder pledge each morning. This states "I will be nice to everyone, both on-line and in person; I will treat others with kindness, the way I want to be treated. BMS is No Place For Hate". Also new this year is an addition of classroom computer labs. Our school district has provided us with enough classroom laptop computer carts to go to a nearly 1:1 environment throughout our school. We are not quite there yet but are getting closer. Our students and teachers will be incorporating technology into their content easier as a result of these additional resources.

We would like to thank our families and students for attending our Open House on September 12 and hope you enjoyed food from Dos De Oros throughout the evening. A special thank you to Dos De Oros and Guadalupe Acosta for supporting our Open House the past few years. We also hope you were able to see the wonderful classrooms that our students are learning in. Our teachers have created classroom environments that are welcoming, colorful, and engaging.

Our school-wide fundraiser selling World's Finest Chocolate candy bars is progressing well and we appreciate our students and families for taking part in this fundraiser. All the money raised will help support our students, school events, and school activities throughout the school year. Without our fundraiser, it would make it more difficult to support our events throughout the year. We look forward to recognizing our top sellers with incentives and a special school dance.

We have a super opportunity to have Astronaut Clayton Anderson visit our school on Friday, October 20th. He will talk to our students about his life story of becoming an astronaut and share some tips for success. This will be a great event.

Planning for our upcoming school renovation is being finalized with work to begin during our winter break. Exciting times are ahead of us as we welcome the "make-over" that will happen within our walls. We also look forward to the addition of a Boys and Girls Club Teen Center that will provide opportunities for students after the school day. We will be sure to share the progress with everyone as work begins.

We hope to see everyone at our Student Led Conferences to be held on Thursday, November 2nd from 12:30 to 7:30 p.m. As part of our focus on student leadership, student led conferences are an opportunity for our students to demonstrate leadership by sharing what they are learning in their classrooms and taking ownership in their learning. Our teachers will be available to visit with our parents as well. We were recently recognized by Franklin Covey as being a Lead School, which demonstrates our commitment to providing leadership opportunities for our students. We believe every one of our students can be a leader!

Our social media platforms will provide you with up to date and current happenings within our school. You can check us out on Twitter @OPS_BryanMiddle and through our website and Facebook page.

Thank you for your continued support of Bryan Middle School and the efforts our students and staff are making this year. Feel free to contact me at 402-557-4105 if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year.


Darren Rasmussen


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Counseling Department

Now that we are settling into to the rhythm of a new school year, Counselors are working hard to get to know our 7th grade students. We are calling students in and conducting introductory interviews, talking about procedures to visit our offices for assistance, discussing the importance of regular attendance and providing additional community resource information.

Counselors are also visiting 7th and 8th grade classrooms to implement guidance lessons this month, and we will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the semester. This is a great way for counselors to get to know all of our students better as well as talk about some important topics such as stress and time management, personal strengths, careers,

Counselors are also visiting 7th and 8th grade classrooms to implement guidance lessons this month, and we will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the semester. This friendship and boundaries.

We know that students who attend school regularly are more involved, maintain healthy friendships, earn higher test scores, feel safer and are more likely to graduate and attend college. Therefore, Counselors are always focused on increasing daily attendance. Our goal is for each student to have no more than 4 absences throughout the school year. Please remember to call the school and let us know when your student is going to be absent. You can call (402) 557-4104 or (402) 557-4130 (Spanish).

Have a great year,

Mrs. Suhr, Counselor for Teams 7A and 8A,, (402) 557-4110

Ms. Doohen, Counselor for Teams 7B and 8B,, (402) 557-4111

Mrs. Ryan, Counselor for Teams 7C and 8C,, (402) 557-4112

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Library - Mrs. Raszler

The Bryan Middle School library has a staff of two ladies who love reading and working with middle school students! Mrs. Lisa Raszler is in her 5th year as the Bryan Middle School Librarian. Mrs. Raszler taught Spanish at BMS for 20 years before that and is very excited to see many children of former students! We have a new paraprofessional this year, Ms. Samantha Sewing. Ms. Sewing is a UNO graduate with experience working at the Ralston Public Library. She is currently working on earning her teaching certificate in school library and is a great addition to the BMS team.

Students are off to a great start this year with their personal reading goals! We have had all the students in for checkouts during Language Arts classes multiple times and have noticed that we have a lot of passionate readers! The library is open before and after school and students can also get a pass from a teacher to come during the school day. Ask your students what they are reading and share with them what you are reading as well!

We were recognized by the OPS School Board as a Common Sense Media certified school for 2016-2017. We will be working towards certification again this year. All of our students will take part in lessons on online safety, cyber bullying, choosing the right online resource, and will complete projects in both Language Arts and Social Studies utilizing those skills. If you have any question on these topics or would like to learn how you can support online safety in your family, please visit the Common Sense Media website at

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School Health

If you have a seventh grade student and have not already done so, please make sure to turn in current vaccination records and physicals. Seventh grade health screenings began this week and will continue throughout the year. The screening includes height, weight, vision, hearing, and dental.
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Gifted and Talented Education

I am Mrs. Hamilton and I am the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) facilitator at Bryan Middle. The major pull-out competition groups have begun – SMP (architecture and engineering), African American History Challenge, and Quiz Bowl. The 8th grade Honors Special Projects class is using the Academic Pentathlon curriculum for the first semester; the competition team will be determined in December. We are studying Africa, and have read the book A Long Walk to Water. 7th grade Scholars will be selected soon, and I am accepting submissions for the fall Poetry Slam. We have a great group of high-achievers this year!

Bryan Middle Activities and Athletics

Bryan Middle School Activities and Athletics are well underway!

Fall Sports

Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country are practicing hard and competitions began the week of September 1st. All competitions will begin at 3:10p.m. and the entry fee is $2.00 for adults. As I write this letter, I’m amazed at how well our student-athletes have performed inside and outside the classroom this year. Be sure to catch the action before the season ends! Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country teams will have their City Final competitions the week of October 17th.

Practices for Boys Basketball and Girls Swimming will begin the week of October 17th. If you have a question about the location of an upcoming game or contest, you can go to the Bryan Middle School website under EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES and look for ATHLETICS. Hope to see you out there!

Activity Cards

Activity Cards allow students to attend an infinite number of athletic contests, but also it is a prerequisite for extracurricular participation. Students who choose to become involved with a club or sport will be required to have an Activity Card. The cost for an Activity Card is $15.00. A fee waiver can be obtained for qualifying students based on lunch pay status. Please direct any inquiries to the office at 402.557.4107

Activities & Clubs

Academic and Non-Academic clubs are starting. Students can listen to announcements to find out the time and location of each activity. Here’s a list of a few that have already begun:

· Robotics Club

· Science Olympiad

· Art Club

· Student Council

· National Junior Honor Society

We strongly encourage students to become involved in activities outside the regular academic day. Research shows students who participate in extracurricular activities achieve higher academic marks and display a more positive attitude towards school, peers, and adults.

Here’s to a great year! Hope to see you out there!

Mr. Taylor

Assistant Principal

Activity Director


School Recognitions

Look what is happening in ACP!

The Alternate Curriculum classroom is off to a great start this year! We are currently reviewing phonemic awareness, coin identification, land forms and personal space in our classroom. All the students have been working very hard and are getting excited for our first field trip on October 6th.

Unified Arts Team

Mrs. Woodworth (Tech and Living/Human Growth):

8th grade Technology and Living is working in the modules. We are finishing up our first rotation onto our first discovery day followed by our next rotation. Lots of great activities happening in class.

7th grade Human Growth and Development class just finished up studying about friendships and family. We are on to learning about character and cyber bullying next.

The Crazy Cooks Club is off to an awesome start! We had our first club meeting and made pancakes, turkey bacon, fruit smoothies and apple pie in a cup! What a great group of cooks we have in our building!

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program is off to a great start for the year. We receive fresh fruits and vegetables twice a week during cubs! So far we have had apples and carrots!

Mr. Dryden (Tech and Living): Tech and Living has been working on short poems for bell work and doing well on their modules.

Mrs. Harris (French/Spanish/Flex): The French and Spanish classes are off to a fantastic start this year!! All classes are wrapping up the introduction unit and have been busy reviewing the alphabet, greetings, numbers, colors, calendar, time, and classroom objects in French and Spanish. The French 1-2 classes will move on to descriptions and adjectives in the next unit and Spanish 1-2 will continue with greetings and look at subject pronouns and the very important verb ser. Thanks for all your hard work so far!

Mr. Izquerido-Ruiz (Spanish/Spanish for Native Speakers): The class Spanish 1 for Spanish speakers has the proposal to allow the students to improve their Spanish reading and writing skills. To achieve this objective, I have begun this class motivating the students to start to practice reading of phonemes and short tales, and to write stories or viewpoints of a paragraph. With these activities, I could identify some situations which allowed me to modify my class plan. An important thing that I discovered, was that although most of them think that they don't know how to write in Spanish, the fact is that they have acquired the Spanish language in your home, and they need to gain confidence to start to write. Therefore, a key of my plan is to allow them to be more confident to read and write in Spanish.

Ms. Gallagher (Physical Education): Currently in Ms. Gallagher's P.E. class we are doing the first round of fitness tests, which includes the mile, pacer, curl-up's, and push-up's.

Mrs. Ruis (Computer Applications/Careers): In careers, we are discussing the importance in owning your future by making good decisions. In Computer Applications we are learning to alter Word documents using Icons on the Home Tab of Word. We are also discussing Internet Safety.

Mrs. Fefee (Art 8): In art class, we are learning about Georgia O'Keeffe, The Color Wheel, Color Theory, Elements Of Art, and Oil Pastel Techniques. Students are creating large scale flower drawings using what they have learned about Georgia O'Keeffe, The Color Wheel, Color Theory, Elements of Art, and Oil Pastel Techniques.

Ms. Brower (Art 7): 7th grade Art students created a folder that showed each student’s personal interests and hobbies. They added patterns to show balance and repetition. Students created an imaginary clay creature. Next, they will create a clay tile that will become part of a collaborative artwork.

Mrs. Clements (Reading Skills): Reading Skills A & B classes spent time learning about 9/11 using a great interactive website. We have finished with our assessments and are on to learning about reciprocal teaching (predicting, clarifying, questioning, and summarizing).

Mrs. McDonald (Chorus/Music Tech):

In Music Tech 1, classes are learning piano fundamentals and starting to read piano music and create digital music on the computer.

In Music Tech 2, classes are done reviewing and moving into new rhythms and software skills to create their first project.

In Chorus, classes are working on sight-reading skills and preparing music for the upcoming concerts.

Mrs. Williams (English Language Arts): Exploring our way through different adventures about nature, students are working on different higher level thinking skills to help dig deeper into our collection texts.

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Team 7A Panda Bears

Mrs. Golka (Math): Welcome back! It’s a brand new year of awesome math class! This quarter we will be going over the first two units in our curriculum which include proportions, percentages, conversions, and integers. We will be learning how to compare fractions, convert fractions and decimals into percents, and use negative numbers. It is very beneficial for all students to be proactive and bring their planner and materials to school every day. This will ensure your student gets all of the necessary information to help them succeed. Let’s have a great year!

Mr. Rutherford (Social Studies): We began the year looking at the 5 Themes of Geography, finishing with the mini project that had students use the 5 themes to describe Omaha. We have ventured into the Region of Southwest Asia. Students will be exposed to the cultures and Landscape of 90 million people. Students will be shown the religious practices of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Ms. Brummer (Computer Applications): The year is off to a good start. Level 1 Computer Apps has started working with Microsoft Word and re viewing keystroking skills. Level 2 Computer Apps has started working with Microsoft Excel, reviewing keystroking skills, and a CEO Project.

Mr. Johnson (Science): Welcome back to another wonderful year of Science. Right now we are studying "The Flow of Energy In Ecosystems."

Mrs. Palmquist (English Language Arts): We are working on our rough drafts of our memoirs. We have already taken our first round of the MAP test and are beginning to prepare for our next round in January. The students have been working hard this quarter. We are off to a great start this year!

Mr. Mullen (Special Education):

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Team 7B Sun Bears

Ms. Dhoritey (Math): Hi, my name is Mindy Dhoritey and I teach math. This is my 16th year at Bryan Middle. I am excited to have your student in class this year. In Math 7, we are working on unit rates, ratios, proportional reasoning and solving proportions. In Honors Pre-Algebra, we are working on the laws of exponents and integer operations.

Ms. Fox (Social Studies): I am the Social Studies teacher for 7B. This is my fifth year teaching at Bryan Middle. During the first weeks of school we have been learning about our Human Geography and the Cultural Universals that are found in it. We will now transition into map reading, and will finish first quarter by focusing on Southwest Asia. This unit will discuss the diversity in the beliefs and values of Southwest Asia towards their resources, daily life, and religion.

Ms. Nelson (Science): In science we have been learning about ecology, which means looking at living things and how they interact with their environment. We will dissect owl pellets in a few weeks and then move on to learning about cells. It is my third year at Bryan Middle School. Go Bears!

Ms. Donaldson (English Language Arts): Welcome to Sun Bear English Language Arts, and my name is Ms. Donaldson! I have been teaching language arts at Bryan Middle for 6 years. Students are learning to identify elements of memoirs, and soon will be tasked to write their own personal narratives by using the writing process. Currently, we are learning about making connections to our reading; making connections helps us to understand and enjoy the story. 7th graders have done an awesome job of bringing their planners, and recording their classroom’s learning goals in them!

Mrs. Friedrichsen (English Language Arts): Hi, I'm Mrs. Friedrichsen, and I teach English Language Arts. This is my 3rd year at Bryan Middle School, but I have taught for over 20 years. So far, we have been working in our new Collection's textbook, and learning about memoirs, figurative language, and main idea/details. We read every day, and write in our journals. Students also use interactive notebooks that focuses on grammar and root words. It has been a great year so far!

Mrs. Meyer (Special Education): I am Mrs. Meyer and I teach Special Education for 7B. I co-teach in Math, with Ms. Dhoritey, and in English Language Arts, with Mrs. Friedrichsen, each day to provide accommodations and support to help all students be successful!
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Team 7C Koala Bears

Ms. Triplett (Math): My name is Ms. Triplett and I am the mathematics teacher for 7C. Our Math 7 students are learning about ratios, unit rates, and proportions. Knowing how to find a unit rate, such as determining miles per gallon, is a skill that will be useful to students in many everyday situations. Our Honors Pre-Algebra students are currently learning about exponents, scientific notation, and how to perform operations using scientific notation. The focus will be on real world application of scientific notation as it is used by many professionals in our technological world.

Ms. Pedersen (Social Studies): Welcome to Social Studies on 7C I am Ms. Pedersen, and we are going to tour the world! 7th grade Social Studies is about world cultures, and learning about people who are both very much like us, and totally different. We will learn some economics, some geography, and about how culture affects our lives. We are off to a great start, and I can't wait for a magnificent year!!!

Ms. Salak (Science): Hi, my name is Mrs. Salak and I'm the 7C Science teacher. This is my 1st year at Bryan Middle. I have previously taught 5th and 6th grade in OPS. Our first unit that we are working on is Ecology. Within this unit we will study the way energy moves throughout the food web , ways organisms interact and depend on each other, and how the environment supports living things. Here's to a great year!

Mr. Fleming (English Language Arts): Hello! My name is Mr. Fleming, and I'm the 7C Language Arts teacher. This is my 4th year here at Bryan Middle School, and I'm happy about how we have started off this year. So far, we have been studying the use of figurative language in memoirs. We have read a variety of memoirs, and students will soon be writing their own. We have also been working on summarizing articles and videos using only the most important information. I look forward to seeing each student get better at reading and writing this year!

Mrs. Goltl (ESL): ESL reading classes are getting in the routine of the LLI Reading Intervention program. Students read a new fiction or nonfiction book every day. The program focuses on word work, reading fluency, and comprehension. Students frequently respond to their reading by writing about the selections.

Ms. Tate (Special Education): Hello! My name is Ms. Monique Tate and I am the special education teacher for 7C. I co- teach Language Arts and Math to offer support and services in the general education classroom. It has been a great start to the school year thus far and I am excited to witness the students' progress as the year continues. In Language Arts, we are currently working on our Figurative Language unit where students are identifying the various types of figurative language in texts. In math, we are working on unit rates and ratios and applying them to real life situations. So thrilled for what this school year will bring!

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Team 8A Nanooks

Ms. Hoffmann (Math): Welcome back to school! In Ms. Hoffman's Pre-Algebra we are starting the year off by learning about real numbers, including ways to classify numbers and learning to solve types of problems that involve exponents. Students should come to class each day ready to discuss different ways of solving problems with their classmates in order to learn from each other so they can get the best possible education and experience success in math class!

Mr. Gall (Social Studies): Hi! I'm Dale Gall, the 8A Social Studies teacher. In 8A Social Studies, we are studying the beginning of the United States. Unit 2 over the Constitution is a big one! We will be going over the Parts of the Constitution, 3 Branches of the Government, and the Bill of Rights. This unit will be with your son or daughter the rest of their Social Studies path! Teaching this 1st Semester with me is Sydney Schwager. She will be in our classroom until Winter Break. Your kids are lucky to have her in their education.

Ms. Rogers (Science): I am Ericka Rogers and I am the 8A Science teacher. Currently we are studying measurement in our science class. Students are getting familiar with using graduated cylinders, triple beam balances, and meter sticks. We are also learning to use the metric system to record our data during experiments.

Mr. Exner (P.E.): In Mr. Exner's PE classes we start the class off by a student leading Dynamic Stretching then we do a timed run to increase our cardiovascular endurance. Classes have done fitness testing (mile, pacer, pushups, curl-ups) as well as rip flag, mat ball and speedball to start off the school year. Upcoming activities will include soccer, lacrosse, ultimate football, swimming, weight training, basketball, and floor hockey. I was born and raised in Canada, and have been teaching at Bryan Middle School for 20 years and coach Cross-Country and Boys Basketball.

Mr. Coil (Human Growth): My name is Mr. Coil and I teach 7th and 8th grade Human Growth and Development. I also help with Cross Country and Track and Field. Currently in class we are learning how to respond to negative peer pressure and how to resolve conflicts.

Mrs. Alfieri (Chorus/Music Tech): What a GREAT start to the year! My name is Rebecca Alfieri and my passion is MUSIC! I am a mother to four sons, a professional singer/accompanist AND a teacher!!!! We have already started singing in two part harmony and reading in our octavo selections. The students are developing confidence in their singing voices and are working at becoming independent singers. We have been sight singing, reading rhythms and singing solos to help give them a strong foundation. Check out our twitter feed @MrsAlfieri1....we have a lot of exciting things going on!

Mr. Stessman (English Language Arts): Welcome back! I'm Mr. Stessman. I've been teaching Language Arts at Bryan Middle for 17 years and I also coach Cross Country. In Language Arts, students have been focused on reading and responding to literature using the RACE format. They should be bringing home their library books to read for twenty minutes everyday.

Ms. Lawson (English Language Arts/Reading): In Ms. Lawson's English Language Arts class students are writing essays over character development. Students have read the short story "Marigolds" and are moving into a poetry unit. Students are learning about root words, suffixes, and prefixes.

Ms. Parker (Special Education): Ms. Parker Special Education Resource teacher in Math and English Language Arts. I work with Ms. Hoffmann and Mr. Stessman.

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Team 8B Polar Bears - Be Exceptional

Mr. Gass (Math): Hi, my name is Ryan Gass. I am the Pre-Algebra teacher for the 8B - Polar Bears. We are currently working on learning about the number system. The students just completed the Fall MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) test. We will take this test two more times this year; once in January and again in May. After we finish the first curriculum unit we will be starting unit 2 about equations in 1 variable. We have started the school year strong and I'm looking forward to all the learning yet to happen.

Ms. Korth (Math):

Ms. Robinson (Social Studies): I became a teacher because I want to help students learn and grow as responsible citizens. I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with my teaching degree. I also have two minors, one in History and another in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. I have always had a personal connection with the history of World War II because both of my grandfather’s fought for the United States. In my free time I read, watch Netflix, and enjoy spending time with friends and family. The past several week’s students have been reviewing the Revolutionary War. By reviewing the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War, students can better understand how the government of the United States was formed. For the next several weeks students will be learning about the Constitution, Bill of Rights and responsibilities of citizens. I am excited to see what the rest of the semester brings!

Mr. Rousek (Science): My name is Mr. Rousek. I've taught Science and Physical Science in OPS for the last ten years. This is my first year at Bryan Middle and it's been a very exciting start to the 2017-2018 school year. We started off the year covering lab safety. During this unit students took home an OPS Science Safety Contract that all parents/guardians were to sign and return to Bryan Middle. If you have not returned this document, please do so immediately so your child can participate in the fun Science labs we will be doing during our upcoming Chemistry unit.

After our Lab Safety unit, students were introduced to the lab tools they would be using throughout the school year. Students rotated stations and inspected each instrument closely as they took detailed notes over the function of each instrument. Students then took a summative quiz over the name of these lab tools after taking these notes home to study. Please check the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus if you would like to see the most current cumulative grades.

Mr. Clay (Human Growth):

Mr. Semar (Band/Strings/Music Tech):
Instrumental Music is off to a great start with some truly excellent musicianship in all ensembles. Eighth grade band students will be performing with the Bryan HS band at the Bryan HS home football game on Friday September 29th. Bryan MS 8th grade Band, Orchestra, and Chorus students are excited to perform on our first ever "Hauntcert" on October 26th. Come out for spooky music, musicians in costume, candy, and fun!

Mrs. Atemnkeng (English Language Arts/Reading):
This has been an amazing year for your Bryan Middle School 8th graders, so far! In Reading Skills classes we are getting acquainted with the Achieve 3000 learning system. Our current Unit goes along with their ELA unit of “Approaching Adulthood.” They are also researching using newspaper articles and they have mini presentations with their articles. Be sure to ask your student what their presentation was about!

In the co-taught ELA classes students are exploring their new Collections textbook and working through the unit called “Approaching Adulthood.” The new collections are full of interactive devices and resources to accelerate the diverse student learner. We are gearing up for some in class debates on current adolescent hot topics! Be sure to ask your student their roles in the debate and what their debate topic is all about!

Ms. Ahl (English Language Arts):

I would love to meet you, or answer any questions you may have. My contact info is: Email: Cell: 308-293-2621.

Ms. Ahl in 5 Fun Facts

· This is my 1st year at Bryan Middle School.

· I have also taught at King Elementary School as a 6th grade teacher and

King Science Technology Magnet as an 8th grade Reading teacher.

· I graduated in 2010 from the University of NE at Kearney.

· My favorite book is “A Farewell to Arms.”

· I would love to meet you, or answer any questions you may have.

English Language Arts (ELA) in 3 Fun Facts

· All students have a novel that they selected to read this semester. Ask your student what they are reading.

· The fall M.A.P. test was completed the week of September 5th-8th.

· This quarter stories and articles read in class deal with the topic of approaching adulthood.

Mrs. Abbott (Special Education): Hello, my name is Mrs. Abbott. I am the special education teacher on the 8B team. I co-teach two Pre-Algebra classes and two English/Language Arts classes. I am looking forward to a great year. I am excited to see students grow academically and socially this year.

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Team 8C Grizzly Bears

Mr. Collins (Math): We are covering Laws of Exponents and Scientific Expressions in Pre-Algebra. We are using doodle notes and interactive notebooking to make the math more hands on and meaningful.

Mrs. Stowe (Social Studies): In 8C social studies we just finished learning about the American Revolution. Students participated in a battle simulation and learned why the war for independence was so significant. Our next unit is about the American Government. We will learn how our government functions, how laws are made, and the rights that are given to Americans. Mrs. Ryan will also be doing her counseling lesson about bullying and suicide prevention beginning on the week of Sept 25th. Thank you for supporting your student in social studies this year!

Mrs. Mihai (Science): Wow! I cannot believe that we are already 5 weeks into the school year. Time really flies when we are having fun. We have been working on using our observations skills to make inferences about science phenomena. We will be moving into our unit on lab safety and properties of matter. Please remind students that they need to bring a pen and pencil to class everyday, as well as their planner. Students will also start receiving homework every Tuesday / Wednesday which must be completed at home and brought back to school on Thursday / Friday to be reviewed. Please email at if you have any questions or need to contact me. Look forward to visiting with you on November 2 from 12:30 until 7:30. Looking forward to a great year.

Mr. Petersen (Physical Education/Human Growth): In PE we just finished our first official Fitness Tests and will be starting Speedball next week. Outdoor units of Soccer and LaCrosse will be the units after that.

Ms. Negrete (ELL): Students in ESL A are beginning a unit about plants and learning vocabulary related to the environment. We are also learning about where we live and creating complete sentences.

Students in ESL B are following the writing process to create their first essay. We have had great classroom discussion about the similarities and differences between their native countries and the United States. The students also spent time coming up with advice that they would give new students moving to the United States as refugees or immigrants.

Mr. Grinvalds (English Language Arts): In language arts we are working on unit 4 in our Collections books which is about approaching adulthood. We are working on character motivation, theme and inference. We are also covering the parts of speech and learning how to write proper sentences and paragraphs.

Ms. Baker (English Language Arts/Reading):

Mrs. Pierson (Special Education):

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Looking Ahead

Student Led Conferences: Thursday, November 2nd 12:30pm to 7:30pm

No school: Thursday, November 2nd and Friday, November 3rd; Thursday, November 23rd - Friday, November 24th

Check out the