By: Leopoldo Esquibel


The capital of China is Beijing it is the second most populated city in China right behind Shanghai, the major language is standard mandarin, and it is located in asia.
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China is known for its long diverse history. This country was made independent on October 1, 1949. Most of China's rulers were part of dynasties. The first one was the Xia dynasty founded by Yu the great. Right now the current ruler is Xi Jinping. These rulers would eventually lead their country to many wars. Ex. Chinese civil war, WWI, and the Korean War.


China is filled with deserts, mountains, and coastlines. It also contains many rivers, one of the most popular are the yellow river and the Yangtze River. It is greatly known to home one of the wonders of the world. The Great Wall of China.


Ancient Chinese wore robes and silk jackets, meanwhile in the present everything is more modern. Thesy usually wear business or farming clothes. Like us Americans Chinese also have holidays. They have Chinese New Year, Mid autumn day, and the Dragon Boat Festival. Many people in China enjoy eating rice, noodles, and dumplings. Most of the religion in China is split between Buddhism and Taoism. China is also a communist country.


China is home to 12% of the worlds mining resources, 72.8% of the land is used industrially, and about 10% is used for farmlands. Most of the people are split into 3 jobs. 1/3 of the people are farmers, another 1/3 are government workers, and the last 1/3 are industrial workers. The currency they gain is yen. ¥¥


China suffers intense weather. The avg. temp. is between 26C - 15C. (Beijing) avg. rainfall is 577mm (Beijing). Since China was a lot of pollution it increase the extremeness of the weather. Ex. Heavy rain
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Interesting Facts

  • Population - 1.357 billion (2013)
  • Mode of transport - fright train
  • Native animals - panda and tigers
  • Strange laws - you must only be able to have one child or they will need to pay a fine
  • Travel tips - use your money usefully
  • Story behind flag - Red=communism Yellow=color of Manchu dynasty

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