Archive War succeeded

Archives Remain in Austin

Locals Stop the Archives

With Texas having independence and the dept evaporating, many locals believe that Texas is succeeding as a country. But, after Mexican army men attacked San Antonio, the hope was lost. Houston ordered an emergency session with the Texas Congress on March 10th in Houston. Fearful of Mexico taking over Austin, Houston ordered the archives, or records, of The Republic to be moved to Houston. With people fearing that they would make Houston the capital of Texas again, citizens gathered up and tried to stop the rangers from moving the archives. One particular citizen was Angelina Eberly. She was one of the few to take action first. Authorities tell us that she shot a cannon, realizing that the symbols of federal government were being removed from the city, at the wagon. Later, a man named Captain Mark B. Lewis got a cannon from the arsenal, a place where weapons are kept, and took over the wagons. The rangers surrendered the papers, avoiding conflict. The documents were returned to Austin and remained there, untouched, until Austin became the capital again.

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