September 25, 2020

Don't forget to wear a MASK to school!

Rainbow the Year!

Wear ORANGE on Thursday, October 1. This is the first color that PreK is working on!

Important Dates Coming UP!

10/1 Wear ORANGE

10/5 School Spirit Day (wear school shirt)

10/5 Dairy Queen Spirit Night 5pm-8pm

10/22 Unity Day! Wear orange to support the stop of cyberbullying!

Work Completion and Attendance

Make sure that your child is completing daily classwork (virtual and HLA) and ALL students need to complete their Wednesday remote learning day work.

Please view this link for the RCPS 20-21 Attendance Plan:


Pickup Info & Transportation Changes

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE do not pass vehicles in the pickup line. This is for our students' safety.

If you need to change your child's transportation (bus to pickup, etc.), please call the school by 2:15 pm each day.

You may only change your child to a bus if they are a normal bus rider. No, you may not choose a different bus without PRIOR approval which sometimes takes a few days. There are some stipulations because of social distancing rules. (You may call and change your child from bus to pickup since that does not impact social distancing rules on the bus.) Your child may not ride the bus home with another student unless it is the same bus. Please remember that children MUST wear their mask on the bus.

If your child is a pickup each afternoon, you may enter the pickup loop beginning at 2:50. We are moving through pickup faster, so please make sure you are there by 2:55. Thank you for your understanding and please call or email with questions.


The USDA is providing free meals to ALL Rockingham County students.

Both breakfast and lunch are available during non-holiday weeks for all in-school students at no cost (probably through December, 2020).

Free meals for in-person students (for Wednesdays) will be sent home with students on Tuesdays.

Free meals are available for non-enrolled children and 100% virtual/HLA students at LEES from 3pm-6pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Just ride through the bus loop!

Linville-Edom Elementary School

3653 Linville Edom Rd

Linville, VA 22834