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LED Lighting Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Environment Necessities

Lighting Issues Existing in Industrial Premises
When it comes to illuminating big industries, there exist several practical challenges. Starting from installation to reaching the complete requirement for lighting on 24/7 basis, the challenges appear in the form of time consumption for maintenance, power consumption and of course it obviously affect biological factors in terms of carbon emission.

How LED is effective for Commercial Space?
LED lights are the latest forms of innovative and environment friendly illumination products. These are best alternative for conventional lighting components in many aspects. LED lights are more efficient, works for long run, shows greater performance, safe and cost effective. It is perfect for commercial and industrial buildings where lighting source is required most of the time.

Energy Efficient LED Light Models
“Go Green” is the slogan insisted everywhere irrespective of industrial or domestic setting. LED lights fulfill the above category and have been designed to serve as a reliable source for lighting and to be remaining biologically safe.

Smart, Safe, Efficient and Cost Effective LED Lights Manufacturing
Aqualux Lighting Co., Ltd offers new era of waterproof LED lights and serves through offering broader range of energy efficient lighting products suitable for industrial and residential purpose.

New Generation Features in Illuminating the living Environment
Aqualux lighting products have the following new generation features such as,

  • More light and brightness with less power consumption.
  • Reduced carbon emission.
  • Helps the users to experience reduced maintenance cost.
  • Made from power efficient light emitting diodes.

Lighting Requirements for Round the Clock Demand
Industrial environment is not the same in all the places as the atmosphere varies. However, LED lighting solutions have to be chosen based on stability and consistency to meet the varying weather or industrial impact. Our LED lighting products are ideal for solving round the clock brightness requirement.

Weather Resistant Lighting Components
Aqualux waterproof and weatherproof LED lights components have been featured with weather impact resistant and dust proof properties. These are ideal for setting in humid premises and specially designed to meet lighting applications where impact resistant is highly required.

Waterproof Lighting Systems-Highlighting Features
With excellent manufacturing facility Aqualux is set into exploring latest LED technology in bringing out innovative forms of LED lights to suit weather impact. These are made from full opal polycarbonate and provide zero dazzling effect thus stay economic in carbon emission and power consumption.

Advantages of LED Waterproof and Weather Proof Lights
These are made from latest technology using biologically safe components. Our LED impact resistant products are available in various models and dimensions to be applied in factories, stairway, parking garages, warehouse, tunnel, etc. Above all, these LED lights are highly energy efficient and provides 50% of energy consumption saving than traditional lights.

LED lights are preferred for energy efficient properties and in recent days the inception of waterproof and weatherproof models gives a new definition to illumination requirement for variety of applications. These are suitable for both domestic premises as well as industrial premises and remain safe to use.

Different Types of Ornamental and Energy Efficient LED Lighting Products

LED Lights Made with a Difference
LED lights are basically referred to as energy saving lighting accessories. Aqualux, incorporated in 2006 is been into experimenting with LED formula for creating extensive patterns of energy efficient and consistently performing lights and accessories to provide consumers Light Emitting Diode formula with a difference.

LED Accessories for Enhancing Performance
Apart from basic patterns of LED lights, Aqualux has been into creating optimized forms of light provisions to suit both domestic as well as commercial requirements. We wanted to bring out technically advanced features in LED provision. We therefore analyzed the requirements for enhancing performance and created considerable forms of accessories like sensors and emergency kits for better brightness at economic cost.

Special Features of T5 Series LED to Replace Fluorescent Tube
Almost majority of our LED fixtures and gadgets have been designed to go compatible with optional aspects. We provide T5 series LED to replace traditional fluorescent tubes made of injection molded polycarbonate material that works over complete balance between lumen output and power consumption. These products also work with microwave senor. T8 series LED also has additional advantages like waterproof and chemical impact.

Enabling Smart Ways of Lighting
Microwave sensor is added to LED lights to make it adoptive to temperature and various forms of environmental factors. This is an optional feature that can be added to enhance reducing power consumption as the sensor works in terms of non-contact detection and advanced sensor switch that turns on human interference.

Emergency Optional LED Backup Kit
Emergency lighting is an excellent solution at different levels. Power slowdown may strike at any time through in some places where there are chances of unexpected power consistency issues. Aqualux provides emergency optional LED backup kit with 12V Ni-MH/Ni-CD battery and emergency convertor that provides up to 3 hours of illumination at times of sudden power failure. This is an automatic feature and can be best integrated with waterproof luminaries.

Waterproof LED lighting Solutions
Waterproof Luminaries are specially created to accommodate lighting requirements for pools, garden, aquariums, etc. These are water resistant and can work consistently when exposed to water. Waterproof luminaries also remain ornamental to the space apart from being resistant to water exposure.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs for Economic Lighting Needs
2D compact fluorescent bulbs have great range of merits when compared to the conventional bulbs. These are suitable lighting gadgets which can be suggested for variety of demands for both residential and office atmosphere. 2D fluorescent bulbs are economic in cost, ideal for varieties of locations, consumes less power and the user do not have to share big amount of money for change over.

Polycarbonate for Weatherproof Luminaries
Anti-vandal weatherproof lights are made from polycarbonate material that makes it work efficient under extreme weather conditions/. These are impact resistant thus remain one of the best lighting sources for outdoors and pendant mounting.

LED lighting provisions are created in different forms by improvising the critical demands in lighting of industries and domestic locations. Aqualux offers the suitable range of LED lights and accessories to match ornamental and energy saving lighting demands of multiple spaces.