Water Quality

What We Put Down The Drain

Why Is Water Quality Important

  • Water quality is important because they help to protect and restore the quality of the Nation’s surface waters, consistent with the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

  • Standards help to identify water quality problems caused by, for example, improperly treated wastewater discharges, runoff or discharges from active or abandoned mining sites,sediments, fertilizers, chemicals from agricultural areas, and erosion of stream banks caused by improper grazing practices.

  • If water quality is not maintained, it is not just the environment that will suffer- the commercial and recreational value of our water resources will also diminish.

  • Our river systems connect together to make watersheds.Tiny streams feed large rivers, which can then feed lakes or oceans.The contamination of the tiniest stream can mess up everything downstream. We often get our drinking water from lakes and rivers. Although we treat our drinking water, we should try to protect it at its initial source- up to the tiniest stream.

Putting Things Down The Drain

  • When it comes to flushing things down the drain and by doing so harming the water quality, many things can be flushed down the drain (whether on purpose or accident) it can do harm. Things like pouring grease down your drain, the stickers that come on your apples accidentally flushing them down the drain too- both of those things can cause water contamination.

Specific Examples of How Water Quality Can Be Affected

Water quality can be affected by the fertilizer that runs off of your agriculture, a pipe spewing toxic chemicals into the ocean and many other ways

Water Quality Video Below

Water Quality PSA