Marie Antoinette

By: Ethan "The Lady Catcher" Carter

Early Life

  • 15th child of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Queen Maria Theresa.
  • Born Vienna, Austria, November 2nd, 1775.
  • Dad died when she was 12, at Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Mother was rarely with her or her siblings.
  • Was archduchess of Austria.
  • She was married by proxy to Louis XVI, who was prince of France.
  • Actually married at the Compiégne, at which point she became the french dauphiness. (princess)


  • Marie Antoinette grew up illiterate.
  • Her tutor was more interested in keeping her mother satisfied then actually teaching Marie.
  • Marie was made to memorize lines of Latin to impress foreigners, she had idea what she was saying.
  • Her letters were childish and blocky well into womanhood.
  • She would never read for pleasure until she was fully grown and beyond all other comforts.
  • She taught that the most important thing in life was family, the second most important thing was country.
  • Even after she moved to France she would barely learn.
  • Saying that, she spoke perfect German and perfect French.

The Dauphiness

  • She was a huge party girl in France. Party all night, sleep all day.
  • Louis and Marie rarely saw each other. Each slept while the other was out and about.
  • The two were not close.
  • Louis XV, the current king of France, doted on her.
  • She could barely read or write.
  • All of France adored Marie Antoinette.

The Queen

  • Disliked court etiquette.
  • Made a small palace her informal sanctuary, called Little Trianon.
  • She spent roughly 2,000,000 dollars in total on Little Trianon.
  • She held small formal dinners.
  • She became the archon of fashion.
  • She bought hairdos, jewelry, jewels, dresses and dresses lined with jewels.
  • Marie and Louis became close.
  • Marie had daughter.
  • Mom died on November 29th, 1780.
  • Had three more kids.

The Revolution

  • Marie Antoinette never said let them eat cake.
  • July 14th the French Revolution began with the Fall of the Batille.
  • October 6th, 1789, the royal family was moved to Paris by an angry mob.
  • The Royal Family is now imprisoned in a palace in Paris called Tuileries.
  • June 20th the Family escaped and then was recaptured.
  • January 20th, Louis XVI was sentenced to death.
  • Louis said goodbye to his kids and to Marie, the pretty girl he met all those years ago, the woman he had come love and cherish.
  • Louis left before saying goodbye, in his own gentle kindness he spared his family the agony of a final goodbye.
  • On January 21st Louis XVI was executed.
  • Marie Antoinette was tried for her "crimes."
  • On October 16th, 1790, Marie Antoinette was executed.